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Played my first round since Nov. yesterday on a wooded course.

Champ Destroyer (170)
DX Destroyer (175)
Star Starfire (168)

Champ Sidewinder (175)
Champ Sidewinder (168)

Champ T Bird (170)
Champ Leopard (168) didn't use

Star Mako (180)
Star Mako (180) didn't use
Star Kite (175)
DX Roc (175) didn't use
DX Stingray (175) didn't use

KC Pro Aviar (174) didn't use
Classic Aviar (170)
Aviar P&A (175)
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150 ESP Flick: get out of trouble disc, fairway trouble shots
175 Star Excal: Headwind driver and some spike hyzer shots
175 Star FL: short hyzer shots/headwind driver
174 Champ Boss: Old, flat, straight, and LONG
175 Champ Boss: Domey, a wee more stable than the others, I throw long high hyzers with it
175 Champ Boss: New and long: The cat's ass of my drivers
169 Pro Boss: Domey, stable, light. No wind or tailwind long bomber
167 Pro Boss: Same
175 Star Destroyer: Stable driver, low ceiling or straight skip shots
175 Star Katana: The only Katana that made the cut, Long gentle annys
173 ESP Surge: Long straight shots and flex shots
175 Champ TeeBird: Utility disc
175 Champ TeeBird: duplicate
175 Star TL: straight tunnel shots or shorter annys
175 Star Spider: My high wind mid, and or spike hyzers
177 Star Shark: Main mid range utility disc
175 Omega SS: Money for straight shots inside 150'
2- 173 Pro D Challengers: They're stable and it's windy here.
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172 Star Tee-Rex
175 Champ Destroyer
174 07' Wraith
174 Champ Wraith
171 Star RR
175 Star Katana
174 Champ Kow-tana
170 Z Xtreme
Mids Putters
175 Star Skeeter 174 JK Aviar
177 Ctyztal Buzzz 172 DX Aviar(1st disc I bought)
178 Z Wasp
171 Star XD (just got this and love it)
178 FLX Drone
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Originally Posted by Midnightbiker View Post
Why two Panthers? Just wondering.
I have a 3rd one coming. They are my "go to" left turn FH disc & they don't make it in DX anymore, so I'm stocking up with them. These are both in rough shape, but the 172g isn't as flippy as the 168g.
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My bag: Gorrilla Boy: Silverback

I only thow RHFH,
I putt backhand

175 Champ Boss:Max D, flex shots
175 Star Boss: S turns
175 Xcaliber: Main driver, straight and long, very consistent, beat up
175 XCaliber: Back up driver, new, open shots
175 Champ Max: for windy days,
171 Flick: max D tomahawks
150 Flick: Straight tunnel shots under 300 ft
175 Roadrunner: max d anhyzer shots, a great forehand anny disc, specific hole shots
175 Monarch: I use it for short anhyzer shots form the tee
173 Flash: my long range anhyzer bomber,

175: Z Drone: 90% of the time
173:Star FL: Short tamahawks (under 275 ft), hyper accurate
170: Star Leopard, anhyzer shots
172: Polaris LS, longer anhyzer shots, get out of jail


175 Pro Pig (go to putter)
173 DX Aviar (use it for straddle putts
173 DX XD (anhyzer putter
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Oops. I forgot my Monarchs. Two champ. 169 old and flippy-er and 173
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175g DX Aviar - approach
175g Pro Rhyno - Putts and windy approach

172g DX Roc

171g Star TeeBird - Straight Drives
167g DX TeeBird - Drivers where I might lose it in water
167g Star Valkyrie - Max D
170g Champ Valkyrie - Back up Max

I also looking at getting a KC/Star Roc and a Leopard to round this out some more. I try to keep my discs needed to a minimum.
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Great to see this thread is still pumpin'! And I wish I would have posted my bag months ago to see how much its changed, but here's what I'm lugging around on the links.
I am a RHBH player


172g Star Sidewinder(7/10) for long, hard right turning shots, 300'
175g Star Sidewinder(8/10) for long medium right turning shots, 300'
169g Star SL(7/10) for long hyzer flips and S-curves, and favorite thumber disc, 300'
175g Star SL(9/10) for long, straight drives, 300'
171g Star Katana(8/10) for the LONG shots, Long skip shots, 350'
171g Star Wraith(8/10) for 250-300' fade/skip shots
171g Star Destroyer(8/10) for long shots with moderate fade, thumber approach disc, 325'
175g Pro Boss(8/10) new in my bag, for long shots with hard fade, 325'

175g Pro Leopard(8/10) for 250-300' right turn and S-curve shots
180g DX Viper(9/10) new in my bag, for 225-275' hard left fade shots


176g CryZtal Buzzz SS(8/10) for 200-260' right turn shots, windy day putter
175g DGA ProLine Squall(7/10) for 200-260' straight shots

168g Champion Aviar(9/10) the usual putter, unless its windy(light putter)
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164 Champ Beast- Go to driver. I can put it just about where I want all the time.
168 Star Destroyer- For any shot that curves hard.
180 Star Mako- New Midrange that I am testing to see if I like it. Holds a stupid straight line as long as I have a loose grip when throwing.
171 Vibram Firm Summit- Don't really like the flight characteristics of this putter. I can't make it perform like my other putters. I do like the rubber though. Will probably get changed out to another putter soon.
171 Vibram V.P. Medium- I like this one more than the Summit. Flight characteristics are a little more
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