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Yesterday I threw my trusty buzz straight at hole 1 at tuthill right before it got there the wind decided to jump right over the basket it was a sad day. Been nice to get ace on that hole again
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I hit basket on hole 16 at McCurry Park. I was going for the skip but instead I hit the inside line and nailed the cage about 3-5 inches too low. That hole and I don't really get along well anyways.
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Tonight I was playing a round with a friend I used to work with, showing her how to play and overall just trying to introduce her to the game. On one hole she jokingly called me "Mr. Pro" right before I let it fly... My trusty Ibex held its gentle hyzer perfectly sweeping right towards the basket... It appeared to be in... Could this be true?! Then, SMASH!!!! It hits head center chains, and ricochets left off of the poll, the chains struggling to hold on to it before finally relinquishing their grasp as the disc got to be 1" outside the rim of the basket before falling to earth... I can still see my Ibex crashing the chains and nearly sticking... If only it had lost a fraction of a percent more energy on impact.
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Not really a missed ace, but threw my second ace in the past month both on hole 1 in Eldon, MO, both about 5 minutes before league started that has a $200 ace pot.
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Monday night at Idlewild. Stepped up to hole 9 which I've flirted with in the past. A bunch of throws just short that hit the top of the wall, some that are just a bit left or right.

Took a nice clean rip with my Star SM Roc. Felt great coming out of my hand, knew it was gonna have a chance. Just a tick of turn, then it started fading back towards the chains. Damn thing hit the top of the basket (the basket, not the top chain assembly.) and kicked up and to the right. Frustrating near ace, but an easy deuce is always acceptable.

Closest metal hit yet on this hole, I'll get it one of these days.

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I have two missed ace storys.
First one was at Waterworks park, hole 16 with pin position at the right position. I pull out my nuke ss, flies perfectly out of my hand, makes a beautiful sweeping s curve and starts to fade back, I think in my head that's going to be a nice easy birdie, I keep watching and it starts fading on what seems a perfect angle then bam, smacks down into the chains, I scream out in joy only to sadly see it bounce into the bottom then right back out onto the ground.
Second one was out at kearney hole 8. Dead straight 205 ft. shot with water on both sides and a 5-10 ft. landing strip to hit. I pull out my Ibex and toss it, feels good coming out of my hand then starts it's end of flight fade left, right at the basket, this one hit front chains only to sadly hit the ground and roll right into the water. One day I'll finally get one.
Had a few close calls but those are the only two that actaully hit basket.
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Eagle's Edge Brooklyn Park, MN - Hole 7. I've been close on this one several times this year. Friday I hit solid chains and it spit out. It's no monster of a hole for sure but it would have been my first ace. Some day I will break the ice!
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Hole 9 La Mirada backside , Prodigy M1 180G , no skip it just went straight into the side. This would have been my first ace
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Got my first two of the year yesterday, same round. lol
Dg is funny like that.
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Not sure if this counts as a missed ace because it was a mulligan. I was playing hole 13 of CSUMB Oaks course. It's a 300 foot straight shot with OB about 10 feet left of the basket. I parked my first shot so I figured I'd throw the Zeppelin I just traded for to try to out. It was dead center on the chains the whole way and went straight it. If only it was a real ace and not a mulligan

Edit: An actual missed ace story that I forgot about was hole 6 on CSUMB cypress. It's a blind shot with the basket behind a tree. I threw my teebird on a hyzer and out of the hand I knew it was gonna be parked. I then heard it smash chains super hard, so I got excited and ran to where I could see the basket, only to see my poor teebird lying on the ground next to it. That disc really wanted to be retired too.

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