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Default 'best' putters for spin putts

Originally Posted by SD86 View Post
Question: Are the Swan and Swan Reborn beadless?

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I'm not much of a spin putter but Michael Johansen definitely is and I'm pretty sure he uses a Ringer if that helps any.

MVP makes the Spin, I'm assuming it would be good for spin putting. Would be ironic if it wasn't.
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Whatever is most comfortable and consistent for you. Everything else is irrelevant.
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I'm really liking D-Line P2s. I currently bag P2s. I've also liked using DX Aviar P&As in putting practice. Straight to slightly overstable putters work best for me. I putt flat though, so people who anny putt might prefer an overstable putter. I think straight putters make making long putts easier. With overstable putters you have to putt harder & adjust your aiming point for the fade. With a straight putter you can aim directly at the basket. Putting around obstacles is easier because they hold your angle of release. I prefer to spin putt with a softer more flexible plastic. I don't want a putter so soft/flexible that I can fold it in half though. I prefer a DX type plastic that still has some stiffness to it.

I've been a push putter for years. I mostly used KC Aviars & more recently P-Line P2s. I decided to learn how to spin putt about a month ago. I've noticed in tournaments I seem to be losing strokes not being able to run long putts. I was laying up from 50' when I was only a push putter. After watching guys hit 60' spin putts/jump putts, I decided to dedicate the time to learn it for myself. I've noticed jump putting tends to be most effective with a spin putting motion. My jump putt was ugly & ineffective with more of a push putting motion. My step putt was never that great either. After some serious practice I'm glad I decided to learn the spin. It's made outside the circle putts a lot easier for me & I actually have a decent jump putt now. I never realized how easy jump putting makes laying up. Since it's more like a putting motion (not a throwing motion), I find myself being much more accurate on my layups. Spin putting is great for low ceiling puts & putting in strong winds. I still push putt inside the circle if it isn't windy. The spin putt is just a great tool to have, I wish I wasn't so against using it for years. I've been shooting well the last few tournaments (940-950+ rated rounds). I think the addition of the spin putt will help my game out even more.

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MVP ion

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Pilots have the right depth and wing shape to fit my hands right, I spin putt literally every putt whether it's 3 feet or 70. Anything that's neutral to slightly overstable is best so it can hold up to the pop on spin putts in my opinion.
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Actually, it dosen't really matter what putter you use. Just stay with the disc that feels good in the hand and learn to putt with it.
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Originally Posted by t.A.T.u View Post
Actually, it dosen't really matter what putter you use. Just stay with the disc that feels good in the hand and learn to putt with it.
No it matters. Huge difference for example in a zone from a spin. Even from 15 feet.

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^ i think what he is saying is it doesnt matter what others prefer as long as its comfortable in your hand and you have the confidence to use it. so no,it doesnt matter what he uses. some people use drivers and mids for putters and make putts with them,could they do better with a putter? probably but they're comfortable with it and thats all that matters. if you dont have confidence in your putter and putt,you wont be making ,many.

to answer the OP,ive been a spin putter ever since i started playing and have always preferred beadless over beaded putters. i used the small bead aviars for several years,then went to omega ss and used those for a few years. i prefer soft plastic for my putters over stiff,i getgrip for my spin since i putt harder than most,keeps me committed and consistent. i have been using soft d line p2's for the last 4 years(first runs) and i love them, they have the extra stability for a beaded putter and feel good in the hand. the softer ones tend to be a bit concaved compared to the harder ones so it doesnt feel as deep as it actually is. ive used wardens, judges, tanks, warlocks, wizards, rhynos, swans(new and old mold) and plenty others that i messed around with. if you want a shallow putter, i would try a tank,nice stability, consistent mold and shallow. hell, any putter will do,it just comes down to what you feel comfortable with in your hand. i think the most popular among the true spin putter crowd are the wizard, p2, aviar, kc aviar(thats what i see the most anyway)

ps. the dx aviar3 is nice and shallow but it lacks glide so that may be what you might want to try also

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Originally Posted by PMantle View Post
I think I'm a spin putter. I keep going back to a Legacy Hunter. Only disc in my bag from them.
Saw the title - came in to say the same thing. One more for the Hunter. I prefer the Gravity Hunters.
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