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Originally Posted by Kodachrome View Post

a couple things that helped me: i changed my grip. i always used a power grip for approaches and it works well for the most part but when you are inconsistent, good luck with that. so i have been experimenting with the birdie grip. it still gives the oomph i need for longer approaches and the control i need as well. the biggest thing is that it lets me loosen my grip *just* enough for those shorter approaches on a consistent basis.

the other thing i did was learn how to putt long. up to 100' sometimes...
So, what grip are you using for the long putts?
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A great way I found years ago to practice these long approach shots is basically play bocce ball with your discs.

Out in an open field, with a stack of midranges (don't all have to the same) toss out one of your discs. Not at a target though, just to a spot in a field. Then try to throw the rest of the stack within a reasonable distance of the first one. Maybe a 200' throw, you try to get the rest of the stack within a 15' radius of the first shot. Rinse and repeat, with a different lead disc. This helped me figure out how to range a lot of my different discs pretty quickly, and how you have a different feel for each disc when you're throwing about the same distance.

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Originally Posted by joecoin View Post
So, what grip are you using for the long putts?
standard putting grip. index on the bead, not on the rim. i just change my stance from stagger to inline, use more wrist and let'er rip. once i beat up a wizard i will use a wizard but for now the summit does it quite well for me especially with how low of a profile it has.

there's a hole at a course by me that measures 117' according to this site, very slightly downhill. i've putted that before for kicks and giggles.

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Originally Posted by PerpetualNewbie View Post
Um, all three discs I listed are putters... No worries though, thanks for the thought!
Didn't feel like reading through but what I do (and it helped me tremendously) is take all my putter and practice from 125, 150, 175, 200, 225. Then I take mids and go 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, and 300. All from different angles, winds, low drives and high drives
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Have you had you vision checked. I had lasic & it wore off gradualy. After I got into a car accident I decided maybee I should get my eyes checked. They are back to pre-lasic 200/200 vision & I am back to glasses. I have to be 10 times closer to an objest to see it & did not know.
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Originally Posted by sonny View Post
If it's an available line, approaching with a hyzer shot offers better margins for error.
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