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Default Donno what's gotten into me lately but...COMPETITION!

I've played DG off and on for years on a very inconsistent basis to say the least. I've even taken years off between rounds just because of work and family commitments. Up until very recently, I had little to no interest in competition via DG ever but now today I think I have my very clearest example of the DG assassin I want to be really bad. It's really weird and I sorta like it.

Today I played my brother and my son at a little nine holer. After a round of singles being all laid back I told them they could play best shot doubles against me and I could still beat them. I normally score about a 30 or so at this course. Today, they scored a 28 and I did a 26.

Another example is in our new league at Flaherty park we normally play 18 holes of singles and then 9 holes of doubles. This week we had nine players so we did 3 groups of three which was actually kind of fun. I got paired up with two guys that were not playing very well at all and they thought the three of us were going to loose. Nope. I wasn't going to let that happen. I nailed a 70' putt for bird on the second hole and then it was on...we ended up tied for first at 4 under.

There are other examples but I won't bore you with the details.

Now I am thinking about spending all of next year just working on form issues I have (of which there are many) and going to play in the Am worlds in Battle Creek, MI in 2015. It's like, give me a challenge like that and all of the sudden I start playing above my head. Just wondering has anyone else has caught the competition bug like this?
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My DG skills are not quite ready for my super competitive nature to kick in yet but I know the feeling. Good luck to you as you embarrass yourself at first only to become a drastically better player for it.
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Basshunter, it's never too soon to compete at an entry level. If you got the itch, go ahead and enter a tourney in the Rec division. You might be surprsed by how well you do.
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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
Basshunter, it's never too soon to compete at an entry level. If you got the itch, go ahead and enter a tourney in the Rec division. You might be surprsed by how well you do.
This. I played in a doubles tournament in the rec division when I was fairly new (I didn't own a single mid- or putter) and placed 9th outta 10 teams. But I learned so much in that moment that when I played in my first singles tournament a few months later, I knew how to approach my round, mentally.

It was a one-disc wonder and I was throwing a Buzzz by then. Not only did I end up in first place in rec., I won by about 6 strokes. I love the atmosphere when the competition is turned up!
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Dukin' it out on the course. There's no place I'd rather be.

My favorite scenerio is a competitive respectful group.

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I've yet to play in any sort of tournament, but I believe it's for the best. Don't need anyone's ego getting crushed....

Like mine....
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Im getting ready to compete vs the best.
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I've played several tournaments since I started playing. Played rec in the first and got smashed by people playing down(which is going to happen). So I decided to practice more and try to improve. I've played intermediate my last few tourneys and been within a few shots of the top guys each time. Feels good.

Good to see you can rise above your teammates being negative about the possible outcome and pull them up out of it. I need to work on that because it drags me down because I get frustrated with having to listen to that. Might just start playing with headphones like I've seen some do.
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It's a mindset, some people play well under pressure. You sir are one of the ones who will probably do well. I on the other hand crack like a bad egg under the full weight of my insecurities. I am currently looking for a good disc golf psychiatrist, if you know of one please PM me......
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