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When wind picks up the overstable and low glide discs see a lot of play time. In tailwind I pull out understable drivers, but otherwise play normal disc selection. There are several good articles floating around that describe aim and disc selection far more in depth than you will find on forum.
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Originally Posted by GoldenThrower View Post
I found this Wind Chart from Discraft to be very helpful when deciding on what disc to throw on windy days......Good luck!
This. Knowing what the wind does to your disc is very important. I just slightly adjust my disc selection and throw the same shot.

i.e. If i normally would throw my beat-in straight teebird, and I'm throwing into a head wind, i'll throw the same shot, but with my OS teebird. If i'm throinwg with a tailwind, i'll throw the same shot, but with my Leopard instead.

I will take a few less risks if OB is in play, but overall i change very little. I do try to give myself hyzer approaches in the wind, so i can use a more OS approach disc, as straight shots are a bit squirrely, while a hyzer stays pretty true.

With putting, I carry a more OS putter, and i putt with spin. (normally a mostly push putter) I don't have any issues with laying up on long jump putts instead of running them. I try to also land with a tailwind over my left shoulder with a little left-to-right, as that's my favorite putting wind. So disc selection on my approach can help me land in a better spot to take an easier putt. I try to stay away from the headwind putt as often as i can.

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Two things I haven't seen anyone else mention. One, if you're practicing putting upside down, I've heard it's much better to have your thumb on top of the rim instead of inside the rim. I never thought about it until I tried it, then thought it felt much more natural (maybe everyone already knew this one, idk). Two, for drives, don't rely solely on feeling the wind. Sometimes the wind can change from one area to another, so look down the fairway for clues amongst the trees. This doesn't work everywhere, but I know I've thrown on holes where the wind was quite different at the teepad then it was 200' down the fairway.
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On the same note as not trusting your feeling of the wind, pay attention to the prevailing wind. Take note when you're up on a hill away from trees which way the wind is blowing (somewhere that the wind isn't redirected by the surrounding features). That's the way the wind will be affecting your disc most often. When in doubt, play the prevailing wind.

Note: prevailing wind is the way the wind is blowing that day, not "Oh, we live in a westerly region".
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I attended a Ron Convers clinic on playing in the wind, and the main thing I remember is to pay attention to your surroundings, know which direction the wind is blowing, and don't take any shot for granted, when you know how the wind affects your disc and you are paying attention to the wind, it can actually become a help rather than a hindrance.
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