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Not everybody has to throw a destroyer for distance. I would try discing down. Maybe give a wraith a shot. People like to make fun and say it's a noodle arm destroyer, but it's a solid disc and can go just as far if not further.

I use a wraith and Halos for max distance. I can keep it around 400' most of the time now. That's without forcing a flex. Destroyers are just too much effort to me. I have 2 destroyers that I can't get nearly as far.
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Originally Posted by ru4por View Post
How many holes on your local course are over 450'?
How many holes am I throwing a Firebird on that you're throwing a Tern on?
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Originally Posted by Mocheez View Post
That's pretty much where I am at... 280 putters, 300 mids, 330 fairways, 360 distance. I tend to throw nose up though.
Pre-qual on my statements I"m not questioning you, or anyone personally but this is just a great quote to illustrate a point.

These distance differences are a pretty normal, or expected spread but also hide a lot of the truth. On this board we see a lot when someone says they throw a mid X distance they should be able to get a destroyer to XX distance and for a variety of reasons it just might not be the case. Nose angle is a huge one.

We see the advice given all the time, and newbs are ridiculed at times for reaching in and carrying discs too high speed for them but I don't think many REALLY compare how far their average throws are going from one disc to the next.

I've recently moved my bag back down to 6 discs the fastest a speed 7. Teebird, FD/TL,eagle, River. I don't know my actual distance with these because i'm not going to a field and throwing flat, no wind, measurable. Not proud of that I just throw on my course when I have time to throw.
Back when I first started coming to these forums I did notice my speed 7 discs were consistently my longest. Sometimes i'd get a Katana or PD out 60+ feet further than anything I ever threw but if I took all of my throws realistically I was probably a good 10' further with the Eagle or River than any other discs I carried.
My actual average was probably like
280' putters, 320' mids, 330' Fariways, 320' Distance Drivers (with an occasional 380' rip)

The advice is all over the web and on here to throw mids and putters for a long time until such and such a distance then step up. But then they are less nose angle sensitive and need to throw drivers. My advice is add in something like a Star Teebird or S-line FD and get that flying straight.
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If you can't throw a putter over 300 then the destroyer a speed 12 plus is border line to fast for your arm speed.

Yeah I know everyone now throws 12 plus speed discs... don't mean its right though!

Drop down to a lighter slower disc. Off the top of my head a 165 gram wraith in pro plastic or something.

And be glad you can thrower a putter well out to 250, most can't..
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Default Distance issue with drivers?

Overall I think your looking at a combination on what's said before. If your fav driver is a destroyer, experiment with them. Lighter weights, try DX as it glides more and beats in faster so it'll be easier to get the disc to turn naturally instead of forcing. A tern is a good option as well, though I prefer the shryke since it's not quite as US. And yea, if your at the point that your stressing getting to 400', you shouldn't be. Most courses only really require 350' to execute the whole course. Anything over that is bonus in my opinion, at least until your competing in Open

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I'll back up the wraith suggestions. But don't go too light, I threw a dx 150 class not long ago and it was a roller right out of the box lol. Sounds like poor form, but I really don't think it was since I can throw an Avair as hard as I can and have it go dead straight the entire way.

Also, our armspeeds are almost identical and I love throwing my Sidewinder, it's a max weight gstar. I can rely on it up to 350ft but use it for much shorter shots a lot of the time, it's so versatile. Though, for absolute max D I throw a Shryke. I think it is 169g and it's gstar. Sweet disc, carries for a long time.

I'd like to think I've hit that 400 mark a few times, but I've never measured one out. Really wish I could help you throw farther. But you might be like me and just not have all the right tools. Short arms, small hands, stubby legs, little extra weight lol, I'm doing the best I can with what I've got, and maybe you are too.
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Just my opinion, but I wouldn't go discing down bc you can't throw a Destroyer 20ft more.. you could end up with a Star Wraith that is just as beefy. If you want a Destroyer that is a little easier to turn try a Pro or Echo*. Drivers need height and spin, not to mention lower body power. Try to get the disc to turn at the apex of its flight. If your drives kinda die out and fall from the sky or are hard to turn, you probably need more spin. You're at the range where incorporating lower body is going to help a lot. I think posting a video for form analysis will help more than changing out your plastic
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Throw a lighter G* Destroyer, you'll gain 20-30 easily. Also, try a Star or Champ Tern in the 155-165 class, they will bomb for you. Don't let the "lighter discs" don't go far, or they're for noodle arms fool you. Locally I've shown several big arm guys who are throwing 175g discs take a stab at my light destroyers, terns, etc, and they're shocked how far they can throw them...easily.
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