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Oh, and if you aren’t practicing from longer distances than 15, that is what improved my short putts the most. If you are just trying to “perfect” 15 foot before moving on, I think that leads to some bad habits. Again, just my $0.02.
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I was a crappy putter for years. I now consider myself a halfway decent putter. What changed it for me was seeing myself on video. I realized that my putting motion had way too many moving pieces. The disc was going down, around, back up, forward, all over the place. No surprise that the release was inconsistent. It's probably the case for you too.

I re-built my whole stroke to focus on just a couple moving pieces. Elbow angle relatively locked. The arm swings down and back up, keeping the disc in a straight line to the basket. No other weird side-to-side motions. When it swings back up I push with my back leg. Pop the disc off my fingers at the end of the stroke. Try to stay relaxed. If you want a spin putt then just use a little more pre-loading of the wrist and spin it off your fingers at the end. Don't whip it around to generate spin.

Watch Eagle's putt, it's a similar motion to what I'm describing. Not a lot of elbow movement. Arm goes down and back up, with a back leg push at the end. He really flicks it with his wrist & fingers at the end of the stroke to get it spinning.
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A couple of issues I found in my putting that are causing misses....

1. lack of focus. I will line up my putt and focus on a chain, but as I release the disc, I look "away". I might drop my eyes or look to the side. That causes a miss. I'm working on keeping my point of focus until the disc is in the basket.

2. not taking every putt seriously. If I'm practicing and making multiple throws, sometimes I figure I've got it and just throw without thinking about it - I figure the throw will be same as the previous ones that went in. Nope. I'm working on making every putt as though a tournament was on the line. It doesn't matter if it is my 100th putt from the same spot (practicing) or a 'drop/tap in' putt. Every single one needs treated as though it is utterly important to make it.
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Originally Posted by hanger129 View Post
I bought a basket about 2 weeks ago so that I could practice building a consistent putting stroke. In that 2 weeks, I've failed to make 9 putts in a row from 15 feet despite my attempts to be consistent. I know the kind of putting stroke I want, but I'm struggling with specific aspects of it.

I prefer to have a forward stance that rocks back to forward. I also prefer spin putting, but I struggle to get a consistent amount of spin. I also have trouble with a consistent vertical release point and distance control. I don't want a lofty putt, but instead one that drills nicely into the basket.

Are there any resources out there that address these specific aspects? Most everything I read simply harps on "consistency is key". Obviously that's true, but I'm looking for something other than repetition to improve.
Just gonna pick through a few pieces and give you a blast of suggestions that worked for my putting when I got a basket a couple years ago.
If you haven't, Get a stack of f2 putters or raid your local PIAS for used ones and get 10 of them you like.
The kind of muscle memory you want to achieve so that you can hit that drilling spin putt and it doesn't loft excessively only happens with repetition. As well, Putts are going to change a bit with different distances, and this is where sticking to one distance might get a bad idea in your head for what will work at 25', or at 45'. Because you have to develop a muscle memory for what works, and how the angles you need to throw at and what kind of wind play does with your discs. You might need that lofty putt at 45', or you might need that one that dives in on a hyzer.
I tend to default back to a more lofty putt the further I am from the basket, but I enjoy using the spin putt coming out from my belly on the shorter distances.
At distances, It's really rewarding (for me at least) that I am getting confident enough that I can spend more time looking at where I want the disc to hit the peak of its arc than focusing on the basket itself.
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