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Gladiator is awesome. Profile is unique, and so is the stability.
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How much more overstable is a moonshine gladiator VS a fresh 175 opto? Fluid enforcer territory? Just a bit more than a 174 next gen gold line?
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well, the gladiator i had in my bag was 172 and slightly seasoned so the moonshine was more OS ,close to defender stability. though the more i threw the moonshine in certain winds,it seemed to go straighter than i wanted which was weird considering i never really used it often. anyway,i swapped it out with a max weight opto and that one has been flying more consistently and nearly identical in stability. not sure if that is an anomaly for the one i put in or just that heavies are all like that. ive only thrown 3 optos and one moonshine so far and mly first one didnt last long after losing it in the drink.
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Dyemax gladiator thrown flat wants to pull left very quickly at 400' power. Serious beef.
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Thought I would bump this post now that the recycled ones have been out a little while. How do you guys like them? I have a 169 Recycled that is getting nice and worn in, its just about bumped my lucid sheriff out of the bag, great understable flight and a long bomber!
On another note, the tour series Zach Johnson metal flakes are pop top and super stable! Great windy reliable one where my normal optos might flip.
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I like the recycled ones for backhand drives but not for throwing forehand.
Probably won't bag them both (either Gladiators or Bio Enforcers) because they are too similar, Gladiators only a few metres further if at all

What's your take on this?

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Originally Posted by Marian View Post
I like the recycled ones for backhand drives but not for throwing forehand.
I agree with you there, I find it very finicky for my flick. Unless I'm throwing a straight hyzer i tend to not forehand gladiators at all though.

I have very little enforcer experience but i could see there being overlap, I like carrying fewer molds with a cycle so I've settled in nicely with the new plastic alternatives.
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Default Gladiator

Threw a 168 opto Gladiator on the course for the first time today. I threw it about a half dozen times, backhand. Here are my observations:

Very flat top. No dome at all. Wide rim. Easily a 13-14 speed disc.

MASSIVELY overstable. I knew it would be beefy, but this thing surprised me with how utterly glideless it was. Immediately out of my hand it was heading left and fading hard.

Distance was fairly lousy. The Gladiator doesn't glide at all. Its like throwing a speed 14 Firebird. In fact, even my champion Firebird wasn't fading as hard or flying as short as this Gladiator.

It flies like a dinner plate. The Gladiator came out of my hand very fast. The disc definitely has zip. Thing is, it has zero glide. It falls to the ground hard and short.

This thing reminds me a lot of a Nuke OS or a Stiletto. In fact, I can't even discern any differences between the Gladiator and Stiletto.

Not a disc for me. Incredibly beefy and short. Flew WELL short of my champion XCal, and had significantly more fade and less glide.
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I have a bunch of Gladiators in Opto, Recycled and GL

none of my Opto Gladiators are flat. They all have a decent / reasonable dome. Nothing massive.

I'm surprised they have a flat run. As an aside I had a Star Shryke (Shrykes are quite domey) get absolutely squished by Canada Post after it was mailed back to me. It flies like a Firebird now. I'm not sure it will stay in the bag as I don't know if I could truly trust it in head winds (cause it is a Shryke).

I have a "First Run" Gold Line (the Feldberg GBO release with the Gorilla image). This disc is domey. It is VERY overstable. I struggle to throw it. The Promo release Opto version, as stable as that run is, is easier to throw.

Some of the Decodye for the Next Gen series are flatter gold lines. I find them to not have glide, turn with some anyhyzer and have a dumpy fade. For me these are not great Gladiators.

Some of the best Gladiators I have found are actually the 168-170 Optos with a reasonable dome. Still very overstable but have somewhat decent glide.

Consider trying the Recylced. Give them a bit of seasoning. The grip is great. They have better glide. Very useable.

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