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Default Heavier weights vs. lighter weights

Besides a number written on the bottom of the disc, what major differences are there between let's say a 175g Firebird vs. a 166g Firebird. Although I'm still somewhat of a noob, from what I've gathered I would say that lighter discs fly more understable than heavier ones. Am I correct in this assumption? What are some other things I should know about heavier and lighter discs. Thanks in advance.
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I would say use the search feature,but there's a thread on max weights/other weights like 3 below yours.

Reading is cool.
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For weeny arms like me, it's easier (on the arm, shoulder, back) to get lighter stuff up to speed.
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I throw no less than 172 on a regular basis. Most drivers, fairways, and mids at 175. Lighter discs feel as though I don't have enough weight in my hand when tossing the thing to get it out as far as I'd like.

I carry my most frequently used discs in different weights, mainly for wind issues: tailwinds, no wind.

Lighter weights are better for people that don't have lots of arm or newbies (same issue). Lighter discs also make better "touch/finesse" discs. More Easily Shaped.

167 breeze and a 147 KC Roc in my bag.

And keep in mind that a lot of disc weight selection is preference.
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Originally Posted by Dthunderchicken View Post
For weeny arms like me, it's easier (on the arm, shoulder, back) to get lighter stuff up to speed.
Agreed. And I didn't make this connection before, but being able to throw the disc a little faster, will make it fly more understable naturally. The lighter weight in and of itself probably doesn't make it more understable.
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I throw 150s and low 160s. They're just more accurate in my experience.

The problem is that they will become unpredictable if you wing them out there with 100% power (ripped like you would a 175, I mean) or it's a windy day. Best to switch to high 160's and up for full power shots or gusty days, as they'll hold the line you want more consistently in those conditions.

However, I always putt maxweight, if I can. Just because I hate seeing a putter float over the basket because the wind picked up. I'd rather risk it dropping short by a few feet than cruising past thirty feet or more.
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