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Here's the commercial, pay attention to the 25 second mark:

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Originally Posted by NDABRUSH View Post
Admit it, you like movies about gladiators. He's prob also been in a Turkish prison.
Yes and mayyyyyyyyyybe :sheepishsmiley:
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Techno football:

mm tzzz mm tzzz mm tzzz
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I'm getting Sports Champions - just because.

Engadget article: http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/01/p...n-move-review/
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The disc golf is fun, but the ping pong is better. Still a few versions away from a tiger woods caliber game.
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I bought the Playstation Move on Saturday. The package deal comes with Sports Champions, which includes the Disc Golf activity. I also bought an extra control so my wife and I could play together. She's been playing real disc golf for half a year, and really enjoys the game.

I've commented/reviewed the Wii Tiger Woods golf game that includes Disc Golf. At the time I said it was fun, but just wasn't accurate enough to really feel like you had much control. The course is also just a ball golf course with a basket instead of the pin, so it doesn't feel like disc golf. Furthermore, you're throwing in yards, not feet, which further seems silly. All in all, I played the Tiger Woods game on the Wii in Disc Golf mode maybe twice. Ultimately a failure, though I like supporting stuff like that because someday I figured someone would really nail it. (I'm a professional game developer myself, and have been hoping someday to have the opportunity to build a really really good disc golf game.)

So I had some hesitations for the Move and the Disc Golf thing. I gotta buy equipment like this to keep up with what's happening, so it was a no-brainer in that sense.

I've already played 3 full rounds, and have loved it. It isn't perfect. It's quite good though, MUCH better than the Wii stuff. I'll give some pros and cons.

- I can throw hyzers, anhyzers, flat shots, skip shots, and rollers. For the most part, the shot does what I want, and I really feel like the game is capturing what I'm trying to do.
- The course feels like a disc golf course. It's tight, distances are reasonable, lots of hazards and trees, etc.
- It looks beautiful
- It's fun
- You can do a full arm swing and feel like you're rewarded for it. You don't have to--my wife has a pretty wimpy arm swing and yet she can throw 300ft in the game. So it can be pretty forgiving. But I can throw 360+ in the game if I throw with some force. As a comparison, 360 is a great throw for me in real life (achievable, but I normally throw about 300).

At first, she and I were staying about even. After a couple of rounds though I was starting to do better. I think that's because my form is much smoother than hers, and thus I was getting much more accurate throws in the game. So we started to separate as players. Each person has their own difficulty level, so she could go down to an easier level. But that would translate to using the shorter tees (there are 3 sets). She wasn't as interested in that. But the option is there.
- First person perspective: Feels great
- Aiming worked well and mattered. I was throwing a lot of hyzer shots and using the aiming system to sort of line up off to the side so the hyzer would get in.
- When you prepare to throw, there's a floating ghost hand that shows up on screen, holding your disc. You move your hand in real life (holding the controller) the hand on screen does the exact same thing. Even up and down (so you can throw nose up or nose down, and you can throw from a crouch or from up high. This works great. Once you get adjusted to it, I felt it was pretty accurate representation of what I was trying to do.

- There is only 1 course (sigh)

- The course is sort of a fantasy, in that it has things you wouldn't really see. Like one hole goes through a cave. There's also picnic benches and a gazebo and thinks like that cluttering up the rough. The rough is so cluttered in fact, that they decided not to let you play from there (it would be difficult because the camera controls are poor). So when you throw into the rough, they move you to the edge of the fairway for your next shot. This turns out to be a big negative, in my opinion, because you never really feel penalized for going off the fairway. The game is just too forgiving. I think that's someone's idea again of making it fun for the whole family. But it hurts the game.

-The latter holes are set in "winter" which means that everything is covered in ice. In fact the last whole is just a big luge run, a big swooping ice curve to the right. I guess the idea is that you're going to perfectly throw it and zip all along the luge run, but it is really stupid. All the winter holes are rather lame.

- The players that represent you are annoying. They don't have much actual character, and they're often shown doing little 5 to 10 second animations of their emotions after each hole. This gets really annoying. It feels like someone's idea of bring "characters" into the game, but man it gets old. I can't find a way to turn them off (I haven't looked much tho).

- There are only 3 discs, driver, mid-range, putter.

- The discs are all very stable. Meaning, if you throw flat and smooth, it'll go 300+ feet (say the driver) and then fade maybe 20 feet at the end. Hardly any fade really. Basically the discs stay on the line you put them on. This makes it impossibly to really do S shots, or big hyzer skip shots. So there's plenty of room for improvement.

- The distance you throw the putter is out of whack. I can make a little pitch shot like I'm really putting and send the putter 60+ feet. In real life it wouldn't have gone 20. So the putting isn't realistic. Though I am using my actual putting stance.

- The baskets are huge and catch shots they probably wouldn't catch. The basket is overly forgiving.

Hmm, I'm outta time. Well, I have more to say about it, but overall I would give it an 85 out of 100. I had a good time, and I'm so eager to see someone do a good disc golf game that I probably am more sympathetic than most. This is a big step up. But the great game is still out there.

For the record, I have a VERY high opinion of the PlayStation Move system. I've programmed for this systems (including the Wii's system) and the Move is significantly better than the Wii's in terms of what it can do because the controller has a light on it and the camera provides an accurate picture of where that controller is relative to your body. Having said all that, it appears that folks are just trying to recreate what they did on the Wii on the Move. I don't think they're doing a very good job of using the advantages of the system. At least not yet.

For the record, I loved the archery game, enjoyed the table tennis and bocce ball, and liked the other games that shipped with Sports Champions. They were all okay. Some felt really good.

If you happen to buy a Move, and have someone to play with, I would recommend buying an extra controller for yourself, and 2 for the other person. So that each person can play with 2. The gladiator duel and archery are MUCH better with 2 controllers. (In gladiator mode, one is your sword, the other your shield, which feels pretty good.)

Anyway, if you can spare the $120 for the system, and maybe $60 bucks more for extra controllers, I thought it was a decent experience. And I believe eventually the Move will prove its worth. (Don't get me started talking about the XBox upcoming Kinect system.)

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Originally Posted by Tiggertooth View Post
Hmm, I'm outta time. Well, I have more to say about it, but overall I would give it an 85 out of 100. I had a good time, and I'm so eager to see someone do a good disc golf game that I probably am more sympathetic than most. This is a big step up. But the great game is still out there.

Concur. The basic engine is solid, physics suffer a few flaws, but it's far and away the only option for realistic disc golf. The fact I could even try a scoober (and it flies) was nice, but the disc seems to glide the same upside down, I'm not sure they anticipated anyone throwing with the controller held this way. Also, the rotation on the disc is a bit quirky as the discs interacts with walls and surfaces, tends to keep a lot of spin for too long. That said, Tomahawks, rollers, spikes, skips - physics are solid enough to try most anything and most works which really brings the tactical mind into play.

I think they could use this engine, work some real life disc properties and courses into it and they'd be pretty close to the perfect DG video game experience.

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Needs bigger baskets!
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Hmmm sounds so tempting, Ive been resisting the idea of a PS3, im quite happy with my cheapo PS2. But as beens mentioned, part of DG is getting out into the park.
Still on the fence.
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Looks purdy.

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