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Default Raleigh 2 WV via Richmond

So I'm heading off on another music festival journey in a couple of weeks. I'm leaving Raleigh going up 95 to Richmond, then taking 64 to Charlottesville/Staunton before heading up in to the mountains of West Virginia.

I'm looking to play a couple Richmond courses and one of the ones out of Charlottesville and Staunton.

So far through looking at the reviews it looks like my Richmond options are

U of Richmond
Bryan Park
Dorey Park
Gillies Creek

I'm also thinking about stopping at one of these two

Kiwanis in Staunton
Walnut Creek in Charlottesville

I'm not sure how many I'll actually be able to hit, I'm hoping three but it will honestly probably just be one. The guy I'm riding with up there isn't a huge disc golfer, he just plays every now and then; and I'm hitchhiking back to Raleigh so I don't know if hitting any up on the way back will even be an option.

Just looking for any advice on where you would play if you just had one or two options.
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Recently they have been doing construction at U of R and some holes are closed.
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Walnut Creek is my pick especially over Kiwanis. Way more memorable holes.
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Gillies and Dorey are nice courses.

Dorey has a nice difference from the whites to the blues and you should be able to find your way around without too much trouble, hole 10 to 11 may be a little difficult to find, basically a little further down the opening and on the left, nice and quiet course.

Gillies is in the city and near 95, while it may not be the prettiest course but I think it's the best that Richmond has. Outside of long bombs, it seems like every shot is covered, the locals her put in a great deal of work on that course and I'm very happy to have it near me. Finding your way around may be a bit of a challenge but there always seems to be someone out there and most of the time they would be willing to show you around.

Bryan, well I was told if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all.

Definitely check out Walnut Creek on your way out 64 west and if you go the back way to pick up 64W in Afton the Blue Mountain brewery might make a nice lunch stop.
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Played Gillies, Dorey & Bryan for the 1st time in the recent Tour de Richmond. All have something to offer and were fun to play. Also had a great time playing with the locals. You won't go wrong with any of those.

Haven't played U of R so no comment.

Kiwanis is a good course but still rather primitive and may be a task to navigate.

Walnut Creek is the bomb and the one I would choose over all that you've listed.

Good luck & safe travels.
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Walnut Creek is a must. It's a tough but fun course. Get there before 11 am and there is no charge to enter the park. Once the swimming beach is open that's when they start collecting fees.

Print a map before you go and take plenty of water.
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I agree, Walnut Creek if you only get to do one. Bryan is the highest rated among the Richmond courses, is also my favorite in the area, and is right on the way. UR is my second favorite in the area, but with the construction I'd recommend Gillies Creek instead, or White Bank in Colonial Heights, which is close to I-95, more FTF, and not likely to be crowded no matter when you're passing through. Bryan and Gillies get pretty crowded sometimes.
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YA!! White Bank got a mention.

I guess it depends on what style course you like, but here's my order.
Walnut Creek - good mix of holes, memorable finishing holes
Bryan Park - Just an exit out of your way, easy on and off the freeway, rolling hills and old growth trees, with a decent bit of distance.

The rest are a toss up, depending on your time
White Bank - couple miles of the freeway, good mix of holes, best played in the morning, print a map just in case the box runs out.
Dorey - Mostly woods (fun shorts tough longs), a little bit out of the way but not to far, you basically in the woods by yourself on this course.
Staunton - little tough to navi but a fun mix of holes
Gillies - couple miles of the freeway, holes get a little bunch at spots, good mix of holes.
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Have you played any of the courses in Rocky Mount. They are right on the way.
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Another vote for White Bank, just south of the city and very close to the highway.

Bryan is a very good choice and Walnut Creek is a must.
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