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I recently heard in conversation that Nikko believes that Ricky is currently the #2 golfer in the world. I am fairly certain that Nikko was reserving #1 for himself, so that is saying quite a bit. I was a bit surprised that he wasn't giving Will the nod for the #2 position...
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Originally Posted by chris deitzel View Post
Ricky is better than all of you! And shows no signs of stopping. As long as their are no major injuries, he will be the 2nd best of all time.

And he has a better attitude than any of the other top 10 players that I know of.
Originally Posted by Menacewarf View Post
That's why I started this thread Chris, despite knowing I'd get a bit off crap for it. It seems now like a burgeoning lock to bear out and it also seems like now a growing number of people are sensing that feeling. I'd bet this thread has some legs. People who flip out in dismay need to read the two words in the thread title which hedge such a grand claim as it should be hedged. Also let's continue to observe.
While there is no doubt his talent is exactly what you guys say it is, I'm still having a hard time accepting the speculation of how many of everything he's gonna win. Not only does that discount all of the rest of the current top ten, it also discounts every up-and-coming 12- to 16-year old that we may not know about. For example, nobody had Colglazier on their radar 3 years ago. But I absolutely will give you that he has the greatest upside of all the current top pros ...

It was the famous basketball coach John Thompson who once said, "...lots of potential is absolutely great for the NEXT coach or NEXT guy..."
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Originally Posted by _MTL_ View Post
To call this guy a legend in the making is kinda silly.

He has 1 major and it's argubally the least important major title out there.

The only player currently touring that can be considered the next legend is Nate Doss. Three worlds (2nd on the all time list) and is one of only three players to get a worlds and US.

Winning the PDGA championship, an NT and the Players Cup doesn't get you in the "will be a legend" catagory.
Not really silly at all. Also the OP asked "is"he becoming the next legend. Nate has years on him. How many of Nates major wins came at 20 years old? Ricky hasn't been playing that long and is just plain getting better. All the other guys that are being mentioned as possibles to be better than Ricky are getting smoked by him at most of the smaller tourneys. Just wait.........
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He is only 19. He is one of the top 3 players in the game. His style transfers to any kind of course. Ricky, Will and McBeth are the top player in my opinion in any order.
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Was Ryan Leaf the next Joe Montana? Don't count your legends before they hatch.
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Well you can add another A-Tier win for the young gun.
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Originally Posted by Menacewarf View Post
It may sound like sensationalism but he is continuing to dominate. As I mentioned in another thread it is startling to think about the fact he could still be getting better. Where would that put him? Are we talking about a 1050 rated player?

He is currently already #1 in the world in most people's opinions and at such a young age the prospect of further improvement is a distinct possibility. Granted he has zero championships and twelve is an impossibly high number but would it be very far fetched for him to win two of the next five world's? That would be two before the age of 25 with at least another 15 years of Open play remaining to rack up another 5 or 6 and leave a very lasting legacy.

I hate to be the one screaming about the next big thing as player's like Nikko and David Wiggins may have been labled as such and perhaps plateaued somewhat since but at a certain point in Ricky's case I have to call a spade a spade. He is playing amazing golf, racking up big wins, and winning a lot of fan's with his sportsmanship, attitude, and amazing play!
Took longer than I expected, but current rating hit 1050!

Another World title this year would be two in five years from this thread.
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This thread has aged well.
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Fun read!

So many guys hating on Rick back in the day!
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With the GBO just around the corner-- Who's taking second.

Paul... Paul who?
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