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Originally Posted by JC17393 View Post
...any errors or less than ideal throws he made were quickly blamed on the course rather than on himself.

Ah, so he's an extreme optimist. Extreme optimists always look for a reason something goes wrong outside themselves. Like the crazy girlfriends who are late to events and blame the people waiting on them for it: extreme optimism. That's how they cope.
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He's a class act. Always has been. When his playing card came out, I explained that I was collecting cards for my oldest, 4 at the time, of sports heroes to lived in the Bay Area. At the time, he was living in Santa Cruz, but wrote a letter to my son and sent a autographed playing card for free. He didn't have to, but he did. I offered to pay him for it but he wasn't having it cause that is the kind of guy he is. His sister and brother-in-law are the same way. Class acts through and through.

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Originally Posted by biscoe View Post
I have spent a good amount of time around Avery over the years and he has always been a good guy as well as an impeccable house guest.
The number of dishes that he has washed while staying with me at various points over the years makes me feel guilty.

I've been around him enough to see people be put off by his demeanor, but a good chunk of that (my opinion here) are people who I feel like are trying to work him or get him to say something that isn't him. Not commenting on any situations listed in this thread btw, no knowledge of any of that. Just my casual observation. You'd be shocked how many people come up to guys like him and say some variant of "Hey dude, what's your favorite Dynamic Disc? What would you throw if you can't throw Innova?"

Like...fine if that's somebody who has moved companies 8 times, but stuff like that where they're trying to get a "ooooooh" sound byte at a clinic or something when they know he's only thrown discs from 1 manufacturer his whole pro career?

Simon's method is funnier, he used to pretend like he didn't understand the English used as a way to avoid the question...but that disguise didn't last long.

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Originally Posted by JTacoma03 View Post

Simon's method is funnier, he used to pretend like he didn't understand the English used as a way to avoid the question...but that disguise didn't last long.
Ha! One of the things my farm does is sell at farmer's markets. I have seen some of my Latino friends use that ploy with customers from time to time.

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Never met him but he can't be as bad as Dustin Keegan.

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Hung out with him for a few minutes at the Bevel Brewery grand opening...he couldn't have possibly been nicer. I was pleasantly surprised.
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Only thing I never really like about Avery was his round commentaries.
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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
Never met him but he can't be as bad as Dustin Keegan.
Or as bad as Ken the Tank Franks when he was with Innova.

I Met him at the South Dakota State Disc Golf Championships in 2007 when it was in Pierre. he was an ass and in his winners speech said how hated the shortness of the courses saying that only on the 550 foot hole did I have to use a midrange, my ROC the KC model. He hated the Baskets saying that the in town course with the Lighting baskets that had the extra set of chains were better then the Mach III out of town and he said that we should have used Innova baskets for the courses as all the best use those baskets. Also he had a bag set up the exact same as Ken Climo back in the day with the same color of Innova bag with quad straps and same discs except he had a new mold Destroyer instead of a Wraith. He felt if you are not copying the winners of the company you are a looser.

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