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Default long r to l rhbh anhzyer throws

I'm very very new to disc golf first off. I've got a champion wraith, a dx beast, a glow teebird, a dx roc, a pro rhino, and rattler. I'm pretty sure most of my discs are overstable and I can get a pretty good s turn when I throw them with a little anhyzer and they turn over. But there are certain shots where I need to throw a long sweeping rhbh anhyzer and can't get it to not turn over left. Most of them actually end up going pretty straight I'm wondering if I just need to buy a disc that's going to be understable out of the box, or there is some techniques I can work on. BTW all my discs are pretty new, except my DX beast is beat in a little bit.
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Pro Leopard

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Any disc can be a turn over disc, depending on power , form and level of wear....for a beginner I always say a stingray around 170 g. For the newb, Nothing turns and glides like a ray. Good for 300 ft turn overs. Lighter dx leopards work well also. (Still carry my 150 Leo for turn over) Cheetah, glide and diamond. I have thrown some 400 foot turn overs with the diamond.......on accident!
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your wraith should break back left just fine. ( unless it's a light blizzard )
possibly try more anny angle and a higher release.
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Yea, you need something more understable to hold that sort of line on a backhand throw. But seriously, thats just one of the hardest shots to learn and get right for beginners.

Better advice IMO though, would be to learn forehand. The more shots you have in your bag the better.
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Leopard is without a doubt a great pick but for me the EASIEST disc to send right with the least effort is a Diamond.
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Mushroom, are you looking to throw your anhyzer throw left to right and stay right? Just want to esnure I am reading your post correctly.
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Or a putter.
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I am a bit more of a fan of letting the disc do some of the work. I look for discs that I can throw fairly flat, that will still turn over and hold a line. I find that a Comet or Stratus are understable workhorses in my midranges. The Mamba, Underworld, XPress, XS are nice shaping discs to hold an anny line for a bit more distance. That said the Leo, Stingray, Cheetah group are also nice choices.
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Try leaning back when you throw (back, as in butt-side). It raises your arm to an anhyzer position, while keeping the grip/wrist the same as it would be when you throw a hyzer. Once you figure out how to throw the full anny using that, then keep the important parts and throw it however you want.
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