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Default Do legs contribute distance to mid-distance throws?

Short version of my question is this:

How should a thrower executing a technically correct backhand drive power down throws and maintain consistency? Should he purely remove power at the beginning of the kinetic chain, or should he "soften up" the end of the kinetic chain as well?

Longer/more explained version of my question:

I've been thinking lately that my consistency on mid-distance throws may be suffering because I am bringing too much power/momentum into the throw. Not saying that I'm a powerhouse by any stretch, just that if I'm approaching a 250' throw the same way that I would approach a 350' throw, then in order to get my desired result on a 250' hole I am forcing myself to subconsciously bleed power off of my throw by opening the shoulders too early or some other form inefficiency.

Should I instead be bringing less power into the throw, so that a desired 250' result will be achieved by still using the levers in my upper body (elbow, wrist, etc.) to get maximum distance out of the power that I've made available by my approach?

I ask this because I can get at least 250' of distance out of almost purely upper body (or at least what feels like it) if I use my elbow hinge efficiently and get a good snap on the disc, so if I powered down my legs as described above then I'd be using no lower body for 250' throws. I'm hesitant to do this though because this seems to stand counter to the "power from the ground up" advice I read on here. In addition, you rarely see videos of the pros where they do a stand-still throw (at least not when they have clear footing). Are their slow "run-ups" on shorter throws purely for rhythm, without any true power from legs on 250-300' throws?

To sum up:

Should I power down by reducing my acceleration throughout the throw (by using less than fully efficient arm action) OR by reducing my initial speed enough (by reducing or maybe even eliminating the beginning of the kinetic chain) that I achieve my desired distance by still accelerating fully through the throw?

Thanks in advance
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Why not simply disc down? Im sure you aren't throwing a putter/mid 350 if that is your max. Simply disc down and throw as normal.
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I throw with the same arm motion and power I do with my drivers (within reason). I just disc-down to midranges that have no glide or very stable putters. They way my motion is consistent, I just down have the same carry.
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Buy a harp.
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The X-step they do is purely for consistency and rhythm. If you are walking the direction of the throw, the momentum kind of keeps you going on line. You likely know how easy it is to shank a throw early or late if you are trying to standstill and use just your arm. Keep your body mechanics happening, even if from standstill, so that you land closed and delay the arm swing rather than open up too early or use the arm at the wrong time.

I find it's best to figure out what elements to reduce or take out of your throw to lower the power. For example I lose like 10% of my power if I go to a standstill. You can also disc down or throw the shot lower, so you can maybe throw a 250' shot with 280' of power but throw it like 6' high. On hard pack ground this doesn't work as well obviously, the disc will push forward. Some people go to a different grip like a fan grip as they feel that loses a little distance for them with the same power input.

Also if you have less of a hop in the steps and less drop into the plant that will take out a ton of power, while still having a similar feel and the steps taking you down the target line.

This is tricky though, I hate 125-175' approaches you have to throw backhand. It's in that inbetween power range. Best bet though is to try to stay consistent with your base mechanics. You can also use a more overstable disc like a Zone/Harp, and use a subtle hyzer line, these things should soak up another say 30' of power over a straight putter throw to get the same distance. Experiment with things like that when you have the open line to the target, so that you can throw closer to your ideal power and let the disc absorb the distance a bit with its line and overstability.
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Shorten your reachback.

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Sounds like a strong arming issue, I'm mostly using my weightshift rather than the arm even on 10' putts. As has been suggesting, disc down. If you throw 350' with a driver on a full swing, then club down to a mid or putter which should put you around 250' with the same full swing. You want to use the same swing as much as possible, and let your discs work, but you should be able throw multiple lines with every disc. On shots less than a full putter swing, I'm using less weightshift/momentum and less backswing.
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Take a knee
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