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Default Summit vs. Swan2

I've been putting with a Summit since the Birdie Bash last March, and i like it, but it is really an "oh so close" putter for me, as opposed to the Aviar PnA it replaced.

I've had great success with Westside products of late, Underworld, Warship, and now Tursas, I'd like to try their putter, even if it's just a psychological boost.

Anyone who has thrown the two have an opinion on Summit vs. Swan2?
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I love the Swan and usually put pretty well. It doesn't bounce or roll often. BUT, I've seen brotherdave putt really well with a Summit. So use them both and see what works for you.
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Personally a huge fan of the Swan2.

When it comes to actual putting work <50ft, these discs are SO similar in flight path that it will come down entirely to how it feels in hand and whichever one inspires confidence.

You'll only notice flight differences around distances >75ft, and even more so when driving with it up to ~250ft. Both discs have a similar easy to control flip up and turn, but the Summit has the tiniest breath of fade at the end that the Swan2 almost lacks. This is not a good or a bad thing, just something that has to be accounted for.

Go for what feels better. Vibram and Westside both have some great plastic for putters.

I own 5 Swans.
1 Swan1 in Eco1 plastic that is a little beat. Turns indefinitely. Maximum US.
1 Swan2 in BT plastic that is pretty new. Slightly softer plastic, can do dead straight or slow turns super.
3 Swan2s in Eco1 plastic. 1 that is beat to hell as my main chains putter. Velvety and a just a touch floppy. 1 that is pretty new, stiff as a board still, and holds a straight line with the smallest drop of fade. 1 that is almost brand new acting as backup and as a practice putter so that I can toss 5 Swans at a basket before having to retrieve them.

Swans start just stable enough that with different wear comes some great variety of grip, firmness, and flight.
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Never tossed the Swan2. I was looking really hard at the original Swan before I settled on the Summit. The Swan2's more Magnet-esque bottom rim isn't comfortable to me so I've never really looked into them. Sloppy does seem pretty deadly inside the circle with his so I know they don't suck.
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I have had both in the bag for upshots and for putting. They fly pretty similar to me although I only have BT soft swans to compare.

Summit for me at least is better in the wind, this may be due to OAT with the swan but I can get a clean release on a summit, and summits are longer for me probably for the same reason.

Swans I can throw pretty far laser straight, they may turn but they don't really seem to fade on a flat throw, where a summit will still come back a little on a similar throw.

I am leaning towards Summit now only because they are more comfortable for me to throw sidearm, and I use a nutsac (not much room for the 4 putters I would carry). It would be Summit hands down if only they came in solid black. I also wish they were'nt so expensive, you are dumping a lot of dough if you like having 6-10 putters to practice with.

I really like Vibram but Westside has been winning the bag slots lately. Definitely worth a shot but there isn't really much a swan will do that your summit can't.
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I'll probably get one just to try - interesting that the two are similar, didn't really know that.
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