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First name and cell number on the inner rim.
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when I know I am going to bag the disc, I ink them up with my name, number, "beer or $ reward if found" heavily. If it is inked up a lot, people tend to not want it. I usually get my discs back. I buy discs to throw, not to sell or trade. I have a few spare discs I keep to let new comers borrow for the round.
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meh, for the first two years or so, I used my wife's name, and of the 10 or so lost, (and a few after that)...I've NEVER gotten a single call. call me jaded, pessimistic, or whatever. I call a number on a disc once, and leave a message. If they don't bother calling back, what's it to me? Still goin' karma positive on my scoreboard.
If I got a stamp...here's what I might make it look like....

I dunno how accurate it would stay (probably depends on ink used), but would certainly be unique to me.
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I used to put my full name, PDGA number and phone number on there. I've only gotten one call back, and it was on a disc I lost in Colorado Springs. The guy had already driven back to Denver, so I just told him to keep it. Still a nice gesture though.

Now I just use my initials and PDGA number, and that's just to meet PDGA rules about marking discs. I have lots of discs, so losing one doesn't bother me too much. Sometimes I will ink something wry and witty. Like my Pumclops DX Roc3 says "Put that thing back where it came from or so help me..." on the rim, in reference to Mike Wizowski of Monsters, Inc. I have a used 11x Champ Firechicken that no longer has a stamp, so I signed "Big Country, 0x Disc Golf World Champion" on the front.
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right now i am trying something differant . I am using mailing labels or gift labels for temporary i.d. until i figure out if the disc is a keeper or trader.
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if its a clear disc: Name and number on the inner rim, plus weight.
if its opaque: Name and number on flight plate, plus weight.
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No ink. If I threw it and couldn't find it, it's no longer mine. The ones I've lost are usually in the water or deep in a bush somewhere, so if someone puts in the effort to get it, it's theirs.
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Lately, no ink at all. In the past, Sharpie on the inner rim with name and number (no one has ever called - there's really no point).
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