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Signature Line: Gateway RFF
D-Line: Pro-D/X blend
Proline: ESP/X blend
SP: Z with metal flakes
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Originally Posted by Dan Ensor View Post
Signature Line: Gateway RFF
D-Line: Pro-D/X blend
Proline: ESP/X blend
SP: Z with metal flakes
Crazy. I'm heading to the shop to check these out. Taking an already killer plastic and tweeking it! SP sounds perfect.
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OP: dont call people here frolfers. Even in jest. Some people do take this **** seriously and thats just a stupid term. I know you werent serious, but juat dont do it. Period.

As for DGA, the Breaker is my jam, and Ive heard good things about the squall and the Tsunami. But this is also the company that makes the Blowfly and the Gumbputt. So there that is.
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I traded away a sparkle Undertow, and I wish had kept it.
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I used to bag and throw a ton of DGA, great plastic and solid discs. I love the proline hurricane the most it starts off on the overstable side (basically a less stable force) but the hss will beat out quickly so they will produce long straight shots with a decent fade. My farthest drive with a hurricane was 475ft they bomb, SP or Sp flex for wind fighters and proline for tailwinds and turnovers. If you are thinking about trying out some of their lineup I would recommend it!
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If I wasn't allowed to throw destroyers I would probably have a couple hurricanes.
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I like DGA pretty good.

My opinions; keep in mind I'm at 5200' elevation:

I like the D-Line plastic WAY more than Pro D. Very grippy, not waxy. Feels like the back of a Kindle.

The D-Line Reef is my circle putter.

Pro-Line Breaker is a great upshot disc because I can throw it at 80% power and it only goes 250ft, I throw it with 100% power and it goes 260ft, easy to range. Must be the blunt nose.

Pro-Line Titanic, meh. It doesn't feel good in my hand and I get bad releases.

Pro-Line current run Aftershock, Pro-Line First Flight Aftershock, and D-Line Aftershock are my go to mids. Listed from most to least stable (You know what I mean).

My Pro-Line Squall is not at all flippy and cuts through head winds better than the Aftershocks.

D-Line Tsunami flies super straight with a dependable end fade.

Pro-Line Tsunami is a meat hook.

Pro-Line Undertow (lost and not replaced) sucks. Nose angle sensitive I guess.

Pro-Line and SP Rogue, meh. I have to throw them so hard to get them to fly well. I'm shopping for a D-Line Rogue for some turn and glide.

Pro-Line Hurricane same as Rogue. Just not special.

SP Hurricane, very beefy.

If I was forced to use only DGA mid-ranges I'd be fine with that. Everyone who doesn't try a current run D-line Aftershock is missing out.

I'd say the only things that are missing in the line-up, out of the box, are a flippy 12 speed driver and more traditional fairway driver.
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DGA is criminally underrated. A couple of their molds are direct copies but they are all fantastic designs with all of the quality of Discraft. Yet, they they get so little love...
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Originally Posted by horsmanm View Post
I think their stamp design is what is holding them back, and that they really dont have that big name pro to help them push their products
Jon Baldwin
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Originally Posted by crater77 View Post
What are their plastics similar to?
Dline = Dline?
Pro = Z?
flip Z and ESP and you've got it right.
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