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Originally Posted by ninjalectual View Post
3-4 more seconds in flight than you expected, or 20-40 extra feet.
What if my expectation is elevated because it's 7 glide? Will it fly 3-4 seconds longer than that?!

I now know what my River trouble has been, I haven't kept my expectations high enough to add that extra glide time onto!
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Back when the river came out i bagged a few latitude molds still and all the n00bs were so excited over this river mold. I bagged a true US killer which was an old mold vision. Decided to buy into the hype and picked up a yellow mx wt domey opto river. First few throws i wasnt all that impressed and was touchy as hell either stable/flip etc..

Step up to a hole and the 7 glide took my river right off into the river and that stupid mold never made the bag again.

Rivers suck. They are like snowflakes that arent cool and pretty.
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My reaction to the Frost line River was initially pretty close to that of the OP.

I've found, however, as it has broken in it flies more like a River should.

Hitting a few trees seemed to really unlock the glide on it.
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If any of you are looking to get rid of your Frost Rivers, hit me up!
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Originally Posted by Streets View Post
So what does 6 glide look like?
Wahoo or Mamba type glide that gives an extra 8-10 feet to the drive over 5 speed on average.
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Frost and Decodye Rivers are completely amazing if you look for one that can handle a bit more torque than your average River.
I use a pearly gold for hyzerflip turnovers, it has quite the dome which the Frost and decodye does not.
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Originally Posted by Casey 1988 View Post
Wahoo or Mamba type glide that gives an extra 8-10 feet to the drive over 5 speed on average.
Thank you so much for answering my rhetorical question from 3 years ago. Your expertise is greatly appreciated.

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Default River Trouble

Originally Posted by Broken Shoulder View Post
Discs are inconsistent.
If you think you're getting flights to match the numbers every time, you're going to have a bad time.
Truer words were never written. I have a garage full of discs I bought based on numbers!

And to the inconsistency part: I have some that I bought based on recommendations... Two recent examples: I have a Falk in K1 that throws OS, just like the Stal in K1. And I have a Gote is K1 that's so flippy I'm reluctant to throw it with anything other than a lot of hyzer.

Everything I read led me to believe both the Falk and the Gote would be relatively "straight" discs. They're pretty, and I love the K1 plastic - but they're in the garage.
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Originally Posted by HyooMac View Post
Truer words were never written. I have a garage full of discs I bought based on numbers!

I identify with this statement. My most used distance-fairway driver this year has been my Gold Line River 168g. Great feel and extremely durable. My main issues are just form and technique, not my disc.

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Looove my rivers. I bag a beat in GL River for my flippy fairway spot. I can smooth the hell out of that thing and it will flip and ride dead straight for 300+ with very little effort and almost zero fade at the end all with <75% power. It is my woods/tunnel disc.

I also bag a heavy Opto (fisherman stamp) that is still nicely stable after 2 years and is quite domey. It will turn for me in the 75%-90% power range but will almost always come out of the turn to at least flat and has a nice forward pushing fade. I can put a little hyzer on it and it will flip flat nicely and ride straight for a long time while still finishing slightly left. I like it for when I want to turn it over and have it hold, or I have a tunnel shot I want to finish more left at the end. It is much more HSS and slightly more LSS than my GL making them a great combo.

I had a moonshine river that was quite a bit more stable than the opto, maybe closer to what everyone wanted a river to be (me included even though I love my GL for what it does). Unfortunately it completely disappeared on my last year. I need to pick up another one of those some time but I like very highly visible discs and moonshine doesn't stand out that great in the bushes.

Whenever I have "river troubles" I equate that to having "bad form troubles". Usually my form goes to crap the less amount of times I throw my rivers.
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