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Default Ballista Pro

Threw one of these for the first time. Plastic seems like swirled opto. 171g. Disc has a dome, but isn't a pop top. Very sharp, shallow, wide rimmed disc. The Ballista Pro seems flatter/thinner than the regular Ballista. This disc feels like a weapon.

Holy cow, I'm impressed! The Ballista Pro isn't merely fast, it HOWLS. I'm not sure I've ever thrown a disc that sliced through the air as efficiently. I feel like the Ballista Pro is even faster than other speed 14 drivers. I was doing field work today with some other long drivers, and the Ballista Pro was noticeably faster than all of them. I usually throw a Nuke and Boss for long distance shots on the course, but this disc is WAAAYYY faster than both of them.

I love the flight of the Ballista Pro. It doesn't really have any high speed turn, but will hold a flat line for a long time before fading. I found that even when I wasn't flexing it out that the disc would end up as far as other fast drivers. I did have one special throw that I torqued over just a hair. The Ballista Pro rode on a gentle anny for a while before slowly transitioning from flat to fade. It was one of the more incredible drives I've ever thrown, and ended up going about 440'. This isn't the longest driver I've ever thrown (but it may be if I work with it more and get practiced). I can still get Shrykes and other flippy, glidey stuff further. However, the Ballista Pro will go nearly as far on a lower, straighter line without all the glide and S curve.

This is an overstable disc that isn't complete beef. The Ballista Pro has a very prolonged, subtle fade that results in a lot of extra distance. It penetrates better than perhaps any driver I've ever seen. The disc is a little power hungry, and will respond well to all the arm you give it.

I would HIGHLY recommend this disc to anyone wanting a manageable warp speed distance driver. The Ballista Pro was easier to throw than I thought it would be. It wasn't as harshly overstable as some other discs. It even slipped out of my hand a couple times (rim is super shallow) and still got a halfway decent flight. I like that the Ballista Pro is resistant to high speed turn, yet actually has a fairly neutral flight without the early, heavy fade.

Ballista Pro: 14, 5, -0.5, 3: I don't know if speeds even go up to 15, but this disc may be pushing it. Just lightning fast. The Ballista Pro is one of the more intriguing drivers I've thrown in a long while, and was more manageable than I thought it would be. You don't need 450' power to crush it. It has the faintest hint of high speed turn on hard, flat releases. A very worthy big brother to the regular Ballista. Wind didn't seem to bother it one way or the other. It isn't overly touchy.
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