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Originally Posted by Um... View Post
I keep asking this question, but what does the Flow do that the Sword can't? To me they overlap so much that there is VERY little difference, other than the Sword pushing a tiny bit more distance and being a little more predictable.

The Sword kicked my Flows out of the bag.
I throw both as well, but my Flows are on the understable side. My Sword is not what I would call overstable, but it's very straight out with a good fade at the end. So they don't overlap much in my bag.
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Originally Posted by Jeronimo View Post
I hate to call you ill-informed but that has not been the case for everyone with regards to Opto. Flatter doesn't always mean understable in Opto. I've actually got 3 flat Opto's that are more stable/overstable than my domey opto 1st runs. That said, it HAS been the case in Gold Line but only because of a specific run. The variation comes from run to run and soon you won't see any of those flat, very understable Gold Lines around anymore as newer runs replace them.
I don't know why you would say "ill-informed" as the information I gave is my direct experience. Several of my buddies have gotten Flows after seeing mine fly, and every one of them has followed the description that I posted (yes, I did throw them). Thanks for the info about not all of them being that way.
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I have a fairly work Flat GL that has a bit of turn to it, I use it for hyzer flips and hyzer bombs.
I use a newer flat gl for straight drives, and light wind.

It's a fairly straight flyer with just a moderate amount of turn (for me... I don't have a huge arm)...and glides forever.
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I never clicked with the Flow but I tried it out at the wrong time of year (middle of winter)

I do like the Sword and the Sword is in my bag but tried it out in Summer

I probably would be a Flow thrower if I had tried it at a different time

although Westside is L64s DGA I find that some of the tweaks they make to the L64 molds make for some great discs
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Originally Posted by jongoff09 View Post
I don't know why you would say "ill-informed"
Simply because its a common phrase used in day to day life...?
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The flow is my go to driver, I consistently throw my gl the farthest. My opto is my control driver and longest driver with a little late fade. The only time I ever out throw my flow with another disc is with my bolt if I rip it just right. This is my favorite driver in my bag.
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^ Me too, I carry three of them. I can park 320' holes with them, and get out to 420' or so on really long holes. Really a versatile disc that I can both go all out on and power down for accuracy.

Key for me is to keep it low, give it tons of snap and watch it glide for days, all while no more than 20' off the ground.
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I used to carry a few flows now I'm down to one. I've read people think the domey and heavy ones are more OS but I've got a 169 that is super flat and flys more OS than many destroyers. They are pretty much interchangeable for me with a champ beast or surge ss though. I prefer the Saint now over the Flow. Just more glide, more consistency, and straight D.
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I recently picked a flow gl and it is now my go to distance disc. I'm parking 350 Bh shots. If you throw it flat and hard you can get a nice straight line with a very predictable fade. I've only had this disc for about 2 weeks and absolutely loving it. And like McFer says snap and a low straight line is the way to throw this. This disc reminds me of a faster river.
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The GL Flow is the most consistent drivers in my bag. Currently have two black 169's, one beat and one new. The newer one is a little more domey than my beat in one and is more overstable than what I remember the beat one being. For me they fly super straight with a slight predictable fade at the end. The Flow isn't leaving my bag any time soon and neither is the River, Core, or Fuse either. Love the Latitude discs!
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