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Default New guy from Norway

Hey all!

I'm a 40y.o. male from western Norway. I started playing June 2018 with Badevika, Frekhaug as home ground.

Up until now I've thrown the Champion Leopard (168-170g) alot, using it as a driver midrange and putter. It seems to be a versatile disk an I only struggle with tailwind, headwind and a bit with distance. I haven't decided yet but am considering buying 5-6 180g Firebirds for headwind practice and 5-6 180g Roadrunners for tailwind practice. Not sure what disc to go to for getting a bit extra distance. Perhaps a 150g beast or a 140g mamba. I really have no clue

I'm throwing mostly backhands because of a bit of pain when throwing forehands. In the lower part of biceps and also in area near the anterior deltoid. I tried buying a few 110 gram leopards for less painful forehands, it helped a little but I should have gone for a bit more weight than 110g and less flippyness. Or a higher speed disk than the leo..


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Welcome JoOs. I think 1 or 2 each of the firebirds and roadrunners would suffice. you can use the rest of the money you were going to spend on some putters for practice. For distance, the only thing that is going to help is practice and working on form. I am getting roadrunners out to about 105 meters with no wind and I am still working on form.

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In an open field most of my drives go 180'-210' so there is still alot of room for improvement. I could continue to work on increasing my distance with the champion leopards. But it seems easier to get to 350' if I find a faster understable disk between 130-150 grams?
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Welcome to DGCR, I'm also from the west coast of Norway, but I live in Bergen.

If I were you, I would buy a couple of Teebirds instead to have in a headwind. Considering your distance, these should not flip in a headwind. For people with more distance a Teebird will definitely flip over at times, this will also happen to you when learn to throw further. For those with more distance established, they will often pull up a Firebird or a Destroyer depending how far they want to throw.

Anyways Firebird is a good disc to have in Badevika considering a lot of the holes are curved with a big swing left or right.

If you are looking for distance in normal situations where wind is not a big issue, Firebird will not give a lot of distance.

However, Roadrunner is a good disc. You don’t need a big arm to get a lot of distance with a Roadrunner. This will probably be your best pick if you are looking for distance and an upgrade from Leopard. You might not be entirely ready for it, but you will eventually anyways. Roadrunner might not go further than a Leopard at the moment, but has a little bit more potential in the future.

I would buy a couple of Teebirds instead, 1x Firebird and 1x Roadrunner and maybe buy a couple of Leopards. If you are only playing with 1 disc, your will wear down the disc and it will be more understable compared to what it used to be. Oh, and I would also buy a midrange, a mako is a good pick.

When it comes to lighter discs, they tend to be more US. When you are going for max distance, you need the disc to flip over except if you are going for a anhyze-flex shot. Lighter disc usually flip over more easily. I don’t find a light disc that flips and comes back goes further than a more heavy disc that also flips. I find way more trust in a 175g disc compared to a 160g disc. This is at least what I feel about light disc compared to “heavy” disc. If you watch “in the bag” by professionals on YouTube, most of them stick with max weight disc instead of light disc.

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Welcome.. There's a wealth of information here.. I third the Roadrunners. I'd stay away ish from the Firebird though I have an old 160 Firebird that I believe is the FL I think it is great and it's worth trying ONE..

At your distance stick with a few core molds, I'd get some Roadrunners and see how it goes. If you are into max weight get some champion and star plastic ones. Get a 165ish one as well for fun and turnover shots..

Consider midranges, everyone says to get a Comet or two for practice and form diagnosis.

Happy chucking!

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Thank you for the replies! Will definitely get the 175g roadrunner and firebird in champion plastic for tail-/headwind practice.

For distance I'll stick to the leo's at least until I throw 300'.

I'll try to post a video of a forehand, it'll probably be alot easier to identify what causes the pain that way.
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