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Default Returning after 20 years

I started playing disc golf back in the early 90's. Back in those days we bought our disc from a guy selling Innova plastic out of the trunk of his car. There was no e-commerce back then. Looking back, it must have appeared "sketchy" to have a bunch of guys gathered around a car with cash in their hands. I pretty much played the same disc for 10 years and only replaced them when they either cracked or turned over too quickly. My preference was an Innova Cobra off the tee, a Shark and XD for approaches. An Aviar was my putter of choice.
With those disc, I could shoot well under par at the local course. The early courses I played were much shorter than the courses of today. If you could drive 200 feet and were accurate with your approach shots then par wasn't hard to get. Thinking back my form wasn't all that great. I tended to round my pull through which limited my distance off the tee but I was pretty good with my second shot and didn't put much pressure on my putting. I came from the frisbee throwing tradition. I always found the anhyzer gave me the most control and accuracy. Thus the user name Left2Right.
I managed to win a few amateur titles in South Carolina in the mid 1990's. A few years ago I went to a course in Augusta, Georgia to see how rusty my game had become. Some young fellows saw me practicing my putting and asked if I cared to join them for a round. I agreed and at the first tee they looked in my bag and asked if I was really going to play with these disc? I said of course what else would I use? They said "Dude, those things are collectors items!" They proceeded to show me the new plastic they were throwing. Things sure have changed! The game has come a long way from the early days.
Returning to the game in my 50's, it appears I will need to rely more on proper form and technique to match the scores of my youth. Fortunately, there are now video's and forums to help one improve. Anyway, I never lost my love for the game. I still trust my Cobra, Shark and Aviar. Looking forward to learning a lot from the forum!
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They still make the Cobra in DX, Shark (G-Star, DX) and Aviar/3 ( 3 is flat top) in lots of plastics.

In fact my mom uses when she plays so infrequent an Aviar Classic Grid with mini bead from 1999 that was a cousins from when he first started playing but by that time in 2003 when I played was all Discraft. She has that and a modern Classic grid Aviar with the no bead for longer putts as Well. Classic Grid might be what you want for a putter if not then the Avair P&A. KC Avair is Big bead and needs to be putted with more power, same for the JK Avair that Juliana Korver uses.
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Originally Posted by Left2Right View Post
If you could drive 200 feet and were accurate with your approach shots...
well... the good news is, if you play in your age protected division (am50) the above is still valid for the most part.

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keep throwing that Cobra!
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Welcome back...I throw cobras, Rocs, aviars, eagles. All “collectors” items lol. I think the key is to play in the woods. I avoid open, windy, long park still courses, and my bag does just fine

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Nice.. I too am starting to play again after being away for awhile. I started in the early 90's, played tourney's for a few years then came back and played some league's about ten or twelve years ago. Our bags sound alike! Cobra, Eagle, Scorpion Barracuda, Shark, Roc, XD, Aviar etc.. Love the old disc's and not sure the 60 year old arm can throw the new stuff. I'm hoping to get a few years in the Master Old Man sections before I'm dead!

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Welcome back! Plenty of us old guys still playing or returning. I am one of those returning.
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Sounds like we may have crossed paths, back in the day.

A guy I played with 20 years ago, came by to play a round last week. He's recently got back into disc golf, and was still throwing a cobra.....but further than my noodle-arm throws modern drivers.

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