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Did lose mine!

Buying another pair after consulting a lefty friend to maybe split a second set. I do not see an insulated back model listed yet. They are not magic, but certainly a decent accessory for the price. I’m not shopping for a $10 knock off to replace. (For me this is high praise)
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I haven't run into any issues with streaking. Plastics I've thrown since I got mine include:
KC Pro
Classic Soft
Opto Air
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I got a pair of these for Christmas. I've used them 3 times and they are useful for keeping my hands warm but I definitely feel like I don't have the touch that I have with bare hands, especially on forehand throws. They seem like they are well-made, don't discolor my discs or anything and I will keep them in my bag. I just won't use them except for the coldest of days.
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For me they work very well on backhand throws, very poorly on forehands. I’m not sure why except maybe I have more fingers on the disc’s rim (and thus more grip) on BH throws
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Now that I've played a few rounds with mine I feel like I can give a good opinion. I've only been wearing them in cold weather, and while they don't have the warmth of a winter glove (obviously), they're certainly better than nothing and enough to fight the loss of feeling/cracking dry skin/general fatigue that I would have barehanded in the same weather.

My only issue is that since I have massive bear paws, they sometimes feel a little overstreched in the area between my thumb and index finger but no enough to feel like it messes with my backhand grip. Forehand, I sometimes have to unvelcro and readjust but it's an extremely minor inconvenience. The extra grip on a cold disc and the little extra warmth is well worth it.

I'm not sure if I plan on wearing them in warmer weather, but they're a must have for my winter rounds.

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Originally Posted by thatdirtykid View Post
Anyone else have an issue with the gloves leaving black streaks on their discs? In dry conditions on hard rips I am getting a black swirl where my thumb releases. I contacted the company and it seems it may be specific to a couple plastics, K1 in my case. Kinda a bummer when throwing brand new plastic that may not make the bag.
The streaks are created from your thumb, so it is all going to be about thumb pressure at the moment it rips out of your hand. My guess is that those who are not encountering streaking do not use as much thumb pressure. That is not indicative of the quality of your throws, just an observation why one person creates streaks and others do not.

Plastic is not really a factor, but your grip is. I have streaked on all of my drivers, both fairway and distance, when throwing backhand. I have thrown GStar/ GLine, Tournament, Opto, Champion, and Star. All have streaked, albeit some plastics more than others. I do not leave marks from forehands or thumpers, as well as not on my mids or putters, because of a different grip and how much pressure I apply with my thumb.

While water or soap does not remove it, acetone instantly takes it off. Therefore, I am not using my best discs when using these gloves.

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Thanks, I could only see plastic having minimal effect as well. I do grip toward the center of the plate on mids and drivers with a fair amount of pressure. I will try acetone if the discs dont make the bag, I do not mind the streaks myself.
My post was more of a PSA that this is a possibility.
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These make putting (for me at least) easier, driving on the otherhand is alot easier but you need to be sure not to griplock the disc because they have insane grip.
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