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Originally Posted by onemilemore View Post
Haven't thrown a KC...those are the beaded Aviars right? I have tossed a Yeti. I'd say the plastic is closer in feel to old Yetis, but I wasn't using those for driving. Anyway...

You can probably find some Shields on the cheap here on the MP. I am not sure why a lot of people didn't like it, other than the fact that putters are very personal. I liked its flight more than its feel, so it didn't stick. But the shape is relatively innocuous and the flight is reliable. Good mold on the whole, even if it is a little deeper than I prefer.

What are you putting with these days? Is it something in danger of being kicked out?

yep, kc is the beaded aviar. they start off slightly more OS than a wizard, a little slower and a little more glide in the circle as they work in IMO.

i've stuck with the kc aviar for most of this season, which is impressive for me. i always had a putter problem, but i have always enjoyed trying new discs and blaming my putters. i've basically determined the shape that my putters need to be, which has been huge in cutting down on my putter experimentation. basically i need a deep dish with a rounded nose ala the dagger, not like a wizard bullet nose. that's pretty much my only qualification to get me interested in a putter. it has resulted in my most consistent putting by far.

i really enjoyed the kc aviar in the summer and i could definitely just switch over to a jk pro for softer winter plastic, but i remember liking how the shield felt and i always liked zero plastic more than KC for putters. i always used the zero soft/hard combo when i threw pures and it was great.
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Sounds like you know what you're getting into and you have a big arm, so it will be reliable for you. The medium plastic feels good to me, but it looks dinged up cosmetically basically instantly (although that doesn't matter at all). Just expect it to drop from the sky unless you throw it pretty hard. That's basically why I don't like it...its glide characteristics are too different from all my other discs. It would be like throwing a Teebird 320' then throwing a Firebird 320' (ok not quite that extreme). Very different power requirement. It was just messing up my ranging/distance judgement as I would come up short a lot unless I threw it much harder than I thought I had to. My Anode is HSS enough for me, and if I needed a medium length harder hyzer I can just use an OS mid so it was kind of redundant for how I play.
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Originally Posted by mattw View Post
I am very ashamed of myself for this error. I thought I had grabbed the harp thread then chased my three year old around the house trying to take away the squirt bottle that he was using to torment the cats with. Needless to say I missed my chance to edit my post. As punishment I did not post in another thread for most of the day.
Well, no need for self abuse. You have no chance against a 3 year old.
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Originally Posted by sloppydisc View Post
Well, no need for self abuse. You have no chance against a 3 year old.
Thank you for understanding. He comes off all sweat and innocent when other people are around. But his laugh is evil I tell you evil.
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Can anyone compare this to a Mercy?
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