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Originally Posted by ThrowaEnvy View Post
Thank you.

And Viper, and....

OP mentioned the Zone which is from 08' - how far back are we supposed to go? Most recent mold I've really been blown away with is the Berg which was approved in 15'. Surprised nobody brought it up yet.

Y'all know the classics (or should).
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Originally Posted by pjhayes7 View Post
So I was thinking what disc molds in the last few years will go down as classics. The Thunderbird was the mold I was thinking about, but I am not sure if it would qualify as an all time classic for me, even though I love the mold. To qualify, it should be near universally accept to me a great mold, even if you don't throw it. The Buzzz is qualifies to me even though I don't care for it personally.

The newest disc I could think of that I think absolutely qualifies is the Zone. Maybe the Volt (i know Ion was the first MVP, but it is too derivative of the Wizard which is already deriviative of the BB Aviar) or the FD.

So what discs would you all say are all time classics? Of course many older molds will be nominated, but also try to discuss molds you think will be considered classics in another 10 years.

I will nominate the M4.
Old molds the Valkyrie should be on there, was one of the first 9 speed faster discs and Marcus S had for the longest time the disc distance record with a 150 class DX Valkyrie. Another is the Magnet, the concave wing being copied by two brands now.

Newer molds Jokeri and the Gremlin or GM might be on there

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Tern is even 2012 so it's not that new but I think it's a classic...everyone knows what it is and it works for so many players.

Envy 2014.

Thunderbird 2014.

Justice 2015.
-I don't think it's a wide usage disc but it is the first super insanely beefy mid like a FAF Firebird stability that I am aware of, or at least that got popular. I feel like any super beefy mid now is compared to the Justice.

I guess I need a little time after release date to see how consistent the discs come out, I haven't chose anything from the last couple years.
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The most classic discs ever- Classic Roc, Aviar Classic, Cobra Classic, Classic Inferno, and the Classic Ace.

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Shoulda stopped after the Aviar.. Cobra should be on there but not enough love, good Disc though.

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If the Firebird wing is truly a Teebird wing that’s simply .050” wider(that’s what it sure seems like to me), then I nominate it for the best and most classic wing shape of all time. Teebird is undeniably a classic, and still relevant(if not still the best at its role). Wing looks to be identical on the Eagle, Banshee, and prototype FD2 from last year, as well as being basically copied in multiple competitor’s discs. The Rival and Explorer are lauded for being great fairways and are nearly exact copies. The Firebird wing is shared by the OLF, PD, Thunderbird, and FD3, and again replicated in other lineups. And after trying every Firebird copy/competitor I can think of, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is nothing on the market even as good as a Firebird, let alone better. And all of its offshoots are great discs in their own roles.

Roc is a no-brainer.

Destroyer is the Teebird of distance drivers. Every other company makes something intended to copy its flight that also happens to nearly copy the wing. Some companies offer several attempts. Nothing’s ever improved upon it.

I prefer my Aviars with a bead. Are all the other Wizard/Challenger/whatevers out there not a semi-copy of the big bead Aviar?

I’ve tried out a LOT of discs in the 5 years I’ve been playing. I’m coming to the conclusion that Innova pretty much figured everything out years ago, there’s not much left to do, and the same basic wheels keep getting reinvented.

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Comet and Eagle are only DGCR popularity phenomen.

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Originally Posted by Meillo View Post
Comet and Eagle are only DGCR popularity phenomen.
Maybe that is true for the Eagle, but the Comet sells very well, at least according to Infinite Disc numbers.

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Originally Posted by pjhayes7 View Post
So I was thinking what disc molds in the last few years will go down as classics.
How far back are we going? The zone and FD have been out almost 10 years already.

For newer discs, I'd say the undertaker is one of the best discs to come out somewhat recently and is already an 'instant classic'.

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Originally Posted by Three Putt View Post
Disc golf is still very regional, so what discs are big changes from place to place. Most of the discs with a really big following are made by Innova as they have the biggest distribution by far.

Here would be my "Hall of Fame" for golf discs.

Innova Aviar: Easily the best-selling disc of all time.
Gateway Wizard: The longest putter on the market. Sales of this one disc keep Gateway afloat.
Millennium Omega Supersoft:Original "putter" plastic wasn't really all that soft, but the Omega Supersoft set the standard for the floppy, sticky putter plastic that is so popular today.
Innova Roc: See above.
Discraft Buzzz: Finally, a mid-range from Discraft that flies like a Roc. It will hold any line you put on it.
Innova Stingray: Anybody else remember when the Stingray was the Max-D disc on the market? It has evolved from distance driver to turnover mid over the years, but it has remained a useful disc in many players bags over the years.
Innova Viper: People forget that this was the best-selling driver of the 90's. It was the pinnacle of "large diameter" drivers. Big, slow and overtable, it has been replaced by faster, small diameter discs.
Discraft Cyclone: Revolutionary when it was released, it is a fast (well, it was fast at the time) driver that you can shape a variety of lines with. Pros and recreational players could all use this disc for distance drives. Discraft is often accused of "copying" Innova discs, but Innova copied the Cyclone when it released the Gazelle a year later. The Cyclone is still a great fairway driver today.
Millennium Polaris LS: This disc pushed all the technical specs at the time of it's release, and it was released in the upgraded "Millennium" plastic. It proved that disc golfers would pay more for better plastic and started the march toward premium plastics.
Gateway Sabre: Gateway's first disc was a winner. You have to throw it hard to get good results, but it is a super-predictable flyer.
Innova TeeBird: If any other disc has a Roc-like following, it is the TeeBird. It flies long and straight with a predictable fade...It is often called a "longer Roc." Despite all the hype over high-speed drivers, top throwers still use the TeeBird in distance competitions.
Innova Valkyrie: The disc that started the rim wars. After the Valk, every year somebody had a new disc with a bigger rim that supposedly flies faster, farther, better, makes you coffee, etc. Tech standards have put a cap on that, so we will see what the next innovation in discs design will be.
Innova Firebird or Discraft Predator: Everybody loves an overstable pig. These two are the class of that field.

There are a lot of newer discs out there...Wraith, Surge, Destroyer, yada, yada, yada. I'll let the test of time work it out before I put them on this list. One new disc that will be on the list is the
Quest Turbo-Putt: For years, Innova's patent on golf discs allowed them to de facto control the evolution of the golf disc. Discs like the 10M Brick and Turbo Putt signaled a new era in golf disc design and forced the PDGA to tighten the definition of what is a golf disc. Because of that it will impact what we are throwing long after it disappears from the scene.
This is a good addition to the thread.

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