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For me, the further the throw the lighter I go. Right now I'm at:
Putters: 172-174
Mids: 160-170
Drivers: 150-162

I have a couple of champion blizzard Destroyers around 142 that I still throw but they can be squirrelly. I'm using a Mamba at 142 for learning how to throw rollers and that is working out pretty good.
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Originally Posted by slowplastic View Post
I don't like too light because I find they get too touchy for me, both in wind and for messing with my release. It "shouldn't" matter for my release, but I find it does...I get bad releases far more often with light discs than I do with normal weights.

I am also fine anywhere 167-175, and I know those numbers are somewhat arbitrary but if I stay in that range I don't think about it. Discs that I want to be consistent like putters/mids/stable fairways I tend to go 172+, again arbitrary number and really 170+ I don't care, because I'm not trying to get max distance but I'm trying to get maximum consistency and wind resistance. There's no way I can feel 2g difference in my hand so I'm sure it's mostly psychological.

My opinion is I would rather get a normal weight disc in a less stable mold than a more stable mold in a lighter disc. When discs are <160 I can really tell in my hand, and I think the wind pushes them more. That being said you can get some pretty interesting flights out of super light Firebirds or Destroyers...you can overpower them but they still have that trusty ending fade, I can tell they get me like 30' more than a disc that would want to be that stable in a normal weight.

I agree that MVP lightweight stuff has impressed me, I've only thrown a few of them but I haven't noticed them being weird or touchy like other super light discs. I'd have to really try them out, but from the small sample size it was enough for me to notice.

There's nothing wrong with experimenting with lighter discs, and I'm sure a lot of guys who throw 300-350' will get some extra distance by going to a lighter weight distance driver. That being said, it's up to them for if the consistency sacrifice is worth it.
This. I'd rather throw a flippier mold than a really light overstable model. Take the Destroyer for example. My star Destroyer is 171g. It will turn some on hard rips, but never flips. If I need something to turn consistently I'll just throw a Shryke rather than putting a 150g. Destroyer in the bag.

Very light drivers are fun in the practice field, but I find them thoroughly useless on the course. They get blown off course by even the slightest breeze and are an extreme challenge to throw accurately consistently.

That said, I don't bag any light drivers. I think the lightest thing I have in there now is over 170g. Interestingly, I have a champion Roc3 that's 167g. That is an aberration. The disc flies like its much heavier and won't turn or flip.

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Originally Posted by Alexplz View Post
To those who throw all or mostly max weight, I think a fair question is, assuming there was no PDGA weight limit, how heavy would you choose your discs to be?

For putters, I don't really feel like I would want mine any heavier than around 175-180. Normally I putt with 172-174ish, and oftentimes like OP feel that a little extra glide on long putts with a lighter disc would be helpful. For mids, I could see a few extra grams being helpful as it seems to me that max weight mids go further anyway... not any heavier than the upper 180s tho I think. For drivers, like SD, I prefer in the upper 160s, or 170s for glidey trilogy.

With all that in mind, assuming the sweet spot for ideal weight without any kind of limit is not necessarily heavier than 175g for everything, I think more people are throwing max weight just for the sake of it than is really necessary.
Probably wouldn’t throw something super heavy, but for some slots a 200g could be fun. I liked the Prometheus at 200 way better than 175, same with Condors and Zyphers(they are all huge I know).

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Originally Posted by SaROCaM View Post
200g...Condors are fun.
They are, but they're also legal weight
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I carry 160ish options in a few molds for poor footing/recovery shots where brush or trees make my throwing motion less than ideal, or putts just outside my comfort zone (50'ish+). My 160 Crave and 158 STB have saved many-a-strokes. Otherwise I throw max or near max weight for everything.
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Putters: 170+ maybe a bit lighter for my US thrower, but I'm really picky about them
Mids: 175+ maybe lighter on the US (they usually are 170+, but a beat Roc/Comet is a beat Roc/Comet no matter the weight)
FWs: 170+ except for a couple Champ Leos, but yet again US slots
DDs: 165+ except for anything I expect to be FHing on a ton of power (shoulder/elbow don't like heavy projectiles)
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All my MVP and Axiom drivers are between 153 and 155. The stability is very similar to max weight. I’ve given my 155 Defy to big arm fellas and all they can do is throw it farther, they can’t turn it over.
I wish with all my heart I could get the bigger rim drivers in 150g.

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Most discs other then putting putters are 170-172 with the larger diameter midrange discs at ~175 gram putter weight as I do not like discs much past 175 grams as they do not work for me. The exceptions are my uphill/downhill putter at 166 or 167 grams and the Champion Destroyer at 167 grams. I do not like the discs that can be 180 grams as they are then too heavy to work for throwing from me unless it is a approach/putting putter. Only reason the Champion Destroyer is at 167 grams is that Destroyers are kind of on the beefy side for me, though I have a 170 gram Champion Destroyer for windy situations. This is besides the DX Dragon which is always 150 grams.
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I had a 147 beast that could only crash and burn and had developed a bias against lighter discs. I recently bought a used lat 64 opto diamond for $6... I was excited until I noticed "aww crap, its a 157". It then not only out drove my other favorite drivers but landed in the line I wanted it. And it does so repeatedly. As long as I don't crank it, I get max distance.
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I prefer a 170-172 disc because the 175 are always questionable in my mind. I had a marked 175 aviar that actually weighed 190. 172s are my favorite for putting because they feel best in my hand. But I dont bag those weights in particular.. I bag whatever is cheapest to get for me. My bag currently has 180-160 discs, I think. I really havent looked at the weights of any of them in years..

I do have a few distance comp discs that are from 120s to 160s mostly blizz bosses. I got some mean 125 blizz bosses at Innova that for a 400 ft drive they dont turn.
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