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Default Hybrid League

So we are trying to get a league off the ground and we are trying to get rec players into playing a competitive setting. We have a good base of local competitive talent that meets quite often. Anyways here is my question.

Has anyone done a league where the open division is based off of score and the AM division is based off of handicap? There isn't a huge seperation in the open field but there is a larger seperation of talent in the AM field. Has anyone done this or is it just a weird idea that is destined to inflict pain and stress on the League director?
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Yes, we've done it in the Twin Cities in the 90s and the format works. In fact, I think adding a scratch score division is necessary when deciding to run a handicap league once you have enough higher level players in an area. Players are allowed to switch between handicap and scratch from week to week as they wish. That means the league director continues to calculate the current handicaps of the players throwing scratch so they have one if they decide to play handicap. The main reason we stopped doing this format was our DG scene grew big enough we could regularly fill 3 or 4 divisions of different skill levels at leagues so players didn't feel handicapping wasn't necessary when playing against your skill level peers (eventually with ratings helping to even better define division skills).

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Handicaps are a great way to level the playing field for players of varying skill levels. I'm not so sure how effective they are at attracting new players to a competitive setting, though. Unless you have a way of setting handicaps independent of the league rounds themselves (self-reported casual rounds, perhaps?), newer recreational players are going to be faced with the same perceived barriers getting into a handicapped league as they would in a divisional league (or tournament). In other words, not having a handicap may leave them feeling at as much of a disadvantage as they would when faced with the prospect of competing with more seasoned players in a scratch score situation.

If the goal is to try to recruit more players that haven't been part of the competitive scene, perhaps an intermediate step would be to offer a no-pressure, no/low cost division in which they can get their feet wet, establish a handicap, and get a feel for what competitive play is and where they stack up. By the time they have established a handicap (2-3 rounds?), they should have a good idea where they fit.
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They do it here in Memphis, although I haven't played in a league here yet. I will report back when I get a chance to and see how they do it.
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We do one division regardless of skill and it is well liked locally. What we did is tell folks to establish an average score for the league course prior to league. The way that's done is to get 3-4 players together and play two rounds and then report their scores to me. Once an average is established then they can participate in league. The league winner is then determined by who beats their average the best in terms of percentage. The interesting thing about this system is it tends to award the newbies more often than the more experienced players. This is really encouraging to the newer players.


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^^^Handicapped league. I finished quite high in the first league I every participated in; that was played; using said system. Helped lead me on to 30+ years of playing. Great system for newer players.

...And, it kind of auto weeds out better players; as there skills get better...encouraging them to move on to more traditional leagues...

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Handicap leagues are a pain to administer/run, and not that popular with top players. That said they can be a lot of fun to play in, but like CK said once you have enough of a player base just separating into divisions is kind of a similar approach to the same ends: presenting a fair and competitive weekly game to all participants.

Being an attractive league for the top players in your area is important IMO to expose their talent to newer players to help raise the overall level of talent.

This is my overall impression but I'm still waiting for an auto handicap feature to be added to a site that hosts league schedules and results. At least that will make it a lot easier to jump in and test the waters.
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