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Unfortunately, I have no experience with a TL but I can compare a ESP XL to a Star Teebird and maybe you can interpolate for your use.

I drive around 300-325ft RHBH.

If you draw a line from me straight out, the Star Teebird will hold that line and fade to the left, not crossing over it. The ESP XL will turn to the right and then fade back pretty much landing on the line.

Very close, basically I use the Teebird when I have room to the left (or must stay left for trees, ect.) and the ESP XL when I have room to the right.

Both have the same amount of fade for me. Both used but in excellent condition.
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Perhaps an X wildcat
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Originally Posted by Fat Albert View Post
Marmoset - thanks for the help.

1. Do you see any flight differences with different weights? e.g. more fade/LSS with heavier discs?
2. Should I be looking for domey or flat, or does it matter much?

1. Weights always matter. But if you are +/- 5 grams of your ideal weight you should be fine. For TLs/XLs the following should be a rough guideline:
if you average ______ feet with your TL/XL you should throw ________.
<275'= Cyclone
275'-300'= 160-165g
300'-325'= 165-167g
325'-350'= 167-169g
350'-375'= 169-171g
375'-400'= 171-173g
400'+= 173-175g

There is obviously many factors that influence weight choice but this chart should be a good starting point.

And yes, if you only average 275' but throw a 175g Z XL it will fly too overstable for the shot type you want... both in HSS and in low speed fade.

2. Disc shape is more important than weight IMO.
I have a pancake flat high PLH FLX XL that is like a Banshee, really overstable.
I have a domey low PLH FLX XL that is decently understable.
ne of Pro D XLs has a really low PLH and is very understable.
My sweetspot ESP XL is domey and has a relatively high PLH. This is the shape I'd recommend trying to find regardless of plastic. It is a very neutral flier and (I can't believe I'm about to say this) "holds any line you out on it."

And just in case you don't yet know what PLH is, here's the thread that explains it all.
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Thats some great info - thanks! The flight/weight chart is interesting, and makes sense with my own experiences.
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Originally Posted by Fat Albert View Post
Ok KMac, let's try this again since you feel the need to stroke your ego by picking apart what I am saying. I hope that helps you get your rocks off.

Since you need more details...I really like the TL. I live in a small town, with a Discraft dealer only. I can't buy TL's in person. If I order TL's online, as I have, they've all been different - some flat, some domey, with different flight characteristics. Not too appealing, when the same disc flies different. The ones I like, I really like, but they're not easy to replace. So, because of reliability, I am seeing if there are any discs that may be similar that I can check out in person. I feel better being able to look at different plastic, and do a few tosses - the store will let me order in some discs, and if they don't do the trick they'll sell them until I find one I really like. Ideally, if I do, then knowing Discraft consistency, they'll be easy to replace with good matches.

I'm really glad that I had to go into that much more detail. You must feel like a real big person now. So, now that you know the rest of the story, is there anything else I can help you with? If not, just switch websites, put your hand back down in your pants, and continue with what you've been doing all night. Wanker.
Relax there big boy, it wasn't a personal attack.

All I'm saying is if you like TLs you might as well throw TLs. If inconsistency is THAT big of a problem for you then you could switch to a different mold you don't like enough. Consistency is a problem all manufacturers have. If Discraft discs were that consistent you wouldn't have to go into the store and feel them up before you bought them.

Welcome to the site, but take a chill pill. This internetz stuff is srs bsns.
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