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Swirl ESP glo does not glow. My vote goes to Kastaplast.
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I’ve only tried discraft and innova. The innova does seem to glow better, and generally just fine. I am also using a UV led torch to charge them.

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I have a Glow Buzzz that outglows everything else I have. My Color Glow P2 is a distant second.
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The only glow disc i actually use for glow rounds is my gateway superglow Wizard. More because it’s a putter than anything, it’s not super bright but I have a smaller area to search.
Taping LEDs onto your disc is a pain, but it works really well.
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I have one of the Matt Dollar glow Envys from his most recent tournament, where the rim is regular Axiom rim and the flight plate is glow. It glows comparably to color glow champion stuff, if not more maybe. Not as good as my Vibram though. I can post pics when I get home.
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yeah paying attention to the glow stuff too cause were losing light so quick..

Kataplast seems nice, my new Halloween glow envy was good, got some legacy 5 year rivals and they glow very well.

it seems innova stuff normally is above average, sexton firebirds seem bright.

now cause its colder, the nice glow stuff is getting to stiff to throw. if they only made legacy icon and innova gstar in glow which are my go to cool weather plastic.
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Another vote for Vibram being the best in terms or glowing.
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I have a really bright glow Summit. A lot of use that will be if I want another. Bought a Kastaplast glow Reko and was surprised at how well it glows, I walked in the door from buying it and it glowed bright without even charging it (just the ambient light on the ride home).
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Sure, there's tape and blinky lights, but the question was which disc itself glows the best. I have a good collection of early Photon Glo discs from Discraft, and I can say that most of them glow very bright, better than I've seen any other disc. Like any glow discs, they do not handle ambient light well, but on a dark, cloudy night in the woods, I have to cover my eyes they are so bright. It's a joy to see them flying through the woods, and while I "recharge" them, they last several holes, longer if you don't need maximum brightness. They kind of seem to keep getting brighter...

I have not seen the new "Photon Glo" Challenger, but as that was one of the harder Photon Glows to come by, that would be awesome if it were the same.

I have a Z-Glo Buzzz that I'm very happy with how well it glows. I have some older Innova glow discs, like Champion Wraiths, that barely glow at all.

I have read in various glow threads throughout the years that pretty sure it was Gateway (and did someone reference it above?) that has the actual best glowing disc of all time. They dumped "way" too much glow material into the run, and I'm not sure the downside, but it apparently has mythical glow properties. Someone out there will have more specifics.

Glow conditions are rarely perfect. The little blinky lights we attach to the center of our discs works great in all conditions, including glow rounds in snow. So in my opinion, that's the way to go. It's cheap, and it works. There's something to be said though for seeing the disc flying through the sky like a UFO.
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