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Originally Posted by TheBMeistor View Post
Lots of FD mentions here...

I don't get it because I throw my seasoned Star Eagle further than my FD's every time. I must just click with them better. I get more distance out of Rocs when compared to Buzzz as well, never could figure out why.
I mentioned P2 and Comet but my FDs are third in line. They're easy for me to get good D with very low power shots. I can put 50-60% power on them and get them to go dead straight for 300-350'. (Think of how you throw an ultimate disc for D--not a huge reach back but a slow pull through and then fast ending from sternum to finish.) This is how I can get a bunch of very understable drivers like FDs, roadrunners, and comets to go straight.
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Originally Posted by Sydex View Post
Innova Champion Beast, the X-mold. The first disc I launched beyond 500' roughly ~524' verifying as best I could via Google Maps (only did it a couple of times on flat ground doing field work).

After that, I'd honestly have to say an Aviar. With good form these easily can get out to 300' for me. I don't toss them that far often, but I know if I need to I can launch a Star out thereto close to 300' or a Champion a few feet outside circle 1 on a 300' tee.
I agree with the old mold champ Beast. I haven't thrown one in a long time, but when I did they'd go surprisingly far. They have a nice bit of high speed turn and stay in the air a long time. I was always able to throw Beasts further than Orcs. I never liked the Beast L and pretty much gave up on Beasts at that point.

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Here's an oddball answer for you...the Banshee.
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Originally Posted by GripEnemy View Post
Here's an oddball answer for you...the Banshee.
Not oddball, and a good answer.

Side note: I agree that the FD is long, but I wouldn't say it's "sneaky" long.
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The Flow habitually ends up as far as my distance drivers, while taking a straighter, more efficient path there.

Opto Mercy can fly as far as my midranges as well. Sneaky, floaty distance.
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Not a driver, but my proton ion. It goes the same distance as my mids (albeit with a bit more effort). It goes another 20' to 30' past any other putter I've thrown. Love that thing.

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Originally Posted by elmexdela View Post
back when i threw tb i would outdrive destroyers outlaws forces and ballistas with my dx tb "what was that" "teebird" "no way wuuuut"

seasoned dx tb are awesome
In what weight?
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Originally Posted by Owensjef View Post
Cd2. A nice seasoned c line can by hyper flipped, and goes great with the more overstable domed s line, or roaming thunder. I have no problems ripping them 330-350.
I’ll second CD2. I can’t get mine to flip up yet, but thrown flat or with a tick of anny, it just goes and goes.
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The Ballista Pro is the only driver I have thrown in a long time that is controllable enough to be worth throwing on the course that also goes noticeably further easier than other discs I bag. I really did not expect to be adding a new mold to the bag when I tried it.
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DX/ G Star TB's and Leo/Leo3's for sure
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