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Originally Posted by tbird888 View Post
Best sounding basket on the market. They also catch the softest of putts with ease. I love them.
I recall esdubya posting about Mach III's sounding better than other baskets.

Not necessarily the criteria I'd give the heaviest weighting to, but... there is a certain gratification in that auditory confirmation of a job well done. Lol.
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Originally Posted by Central Scrutinizer View Post
Maybe it's an old-timer thing, but I've always thought they're the perfect basket for separating scores and forcing the issue that lots of people complain about in competitive Disc Golf with putting being too easy and automatic. A Mach III will catch a perfect putt on the pole center height and lower with a requisite amount of touch. There's a mass of chains there on purpose, and it thins out away from this bulls-eye scenario. Anything with less ideal location off the pole with less touch increases the likelihood of a miss.

Their reputation gets in your head a little too, forcing you to deal with your mental putting game even more as you stare them down.

I suppose you could make these arguments with any thinner basket than even them, but the Mach III has that classic look and sound and I would argue they're fair (if in good condition) when rusty Mach II's from 1986 aren't.

I'm biased admittedly quite a bit for the nostalgia angle. It's human nature. When I see a new Mach III it takes me back to 1996 when I first really became obsessed with the game and my favorite courses had them (namely Grand Woods in Lansing and Hudson Mills near Ann Arbor). Back then you were delighted to see a course with a state-of-the-art basket like that, and if they were so awful, I wouldn't have known it because I was drawn to this sport with obsession on Mach III's. Other courses I played had rusty old 1986-era Mach II's, single-chain (so-called) Discatchers, and even worse homemade deals. Anybody from Michigan and my era will testify to the horrific bike lock cable baskets at Fitzgerald Park that I'm told were the originals at Grand Woods before they replaced them with Mach III's.

Mach III's caught six of my ten aces. Two of them were with giant Barracudas in 1996 and 1997.

My favorite "CHIING!" sound is that of a newer Mach III you've hit perfectly. It has a ringing quality that makes others (of the era especially) sound dull in comparison.

Are more modern baskets that catch relative rocket spin putts more fun? I suppose so. I won't deny that argument either. I'm a spin putter who would benefit from an easier-catching basket.

Have fun on your new course, either way!
Good post CS. I agree. I too really grew up putting on Mach lll's. In fact, it is a primary reason for my soft, nose up putting. This style works well for Chainstars as well. Hudson Mills just replaced all their Mach lll's last year. I miss the sound.

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Originally Posted by tbird888 View Post
Best sounding basket on the market. They also catch the softest of putts with ease. I love them.
Without a doubt, the best CA-CHING sound of any basket.
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Mach III is my favorite basket for its iconic look, wonderful ching sound, and excellent durability. Who says the best catching basket is what this sport needs?

Also if you get them now they come with a deeper cage so that helps a lot with the bounce-outs that was maybe an issue with the earlier design.

Don't fight it, you won't be disappointed with the Mach III.

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I remember back to being extremely happy to go from tonals to anything with chains.

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Originally Posted by Jenga54 View Post
HELP! We have a course going in near me, on a great piece of property. Could be a home course, and the area needs a quality 18 hole course. Dream Come True.... and then

The course designer wants to put in Mach 3 baskets! I asked about potential alternative options (like.. anything else), but was told that DGA baskets are far and wide the most prevalent in the area and that Mach 3 are top of the line baskets.

Now, we won't be playing NT's here in a year. But why do old school designers insist on using these baskets with only the tiniest improvement over single 12 chain design Mach 1s when there are so many popular options out there?

So, what can we do?? Or - is this all just useless complaining? I've designed and installed multiple courses, and I know it is mostly thankless work, complaining about a free course being installed for us. But - why not at least make it enjoyable?

Here are actual facts:

There are currently 316 courses listed in Minnesota in the DGCR database.

50 courses have DISCatchers and 53 have Mach 3's.

Perhaps old designer is not aware that Innova offers commissions on course sales and designer is going with DGA to get a commission.
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MVP has some pretty good baskets at pretty competitive prices. I wasn't going to say anything but then they had this banner ad up top, and well, I guess now they don't regret getting a banner ad
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So far, the best argument for Mach 3 are:

1. they are classic
2. they are fine
3. they sound good when your putt cuts through chains and lands behind the basket

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This actually ticks me off. Why isn't the PDGA making one set of basket specifications their preferred choice? Same height, same number of chains, same size catching cage, etc. It is like going to a ball golf course and putting at different size holes from course to course. the current situation is ludicrous. Make a ruling, make it effective for all PDGA sanctioned events. Give a 10 year grace period and then if you don't have official sized baskets by then, you can't hold a sanctioned event. You can still keep your baskets and keep playing them.

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4. They catch just fine if your putt isn't moving at 200MpH

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