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Originally Posted by itsRudy View Post
Hey Sidewinder, sorry to necropost, but this is literally one of the few things I found about TFCC tears and DG. Did yours ever heal 100%?

Back in mid-March, my wrist was hurting one day, and like a fool, I ignored it and tried something extra stupid - grip the disc as hard as I can! It did add 40 feet backhand on one shot that day. Well, I paid for it. I woke up with the most god-awful pain and a swollen hand, had to either run cold water on it or hold it towards the sky - just to get to sleep. Thought I had some type of tendonitis at first, but narrowed it down thanks to youtube.

I'm doing much better all around since then... but still have limited flex and throw 1/3 my previous distance and my strength goes at certain angles. I'm giving it time. I've done literally 5 holes DG combined, mostly last week, since then when I used to play 1-2 rounds daily.
Turned out I fractured my ulnar styloid. Had to immobilize wrist for 6 weeks, man my wrist was weak after that, took about a year to be able to do a push up.
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I'm cautious with a drill, if it binds the torque comes back on your hand. Working in the factory I saw a maintenance guy drilling concrete hit some rebar. Drill bit stops, drill instantly counterrotates, crushing his hand against nearby equipment. He was out for months. A grinder comes with a strap for your hand, but I'd rather it just jumped away.

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Originally Posted by sidewinder22 View Post
Well...just got back from the ortho and confirmed my diagnosis of tfcc. My good wrist is now hurting from overcompensating. More bad news, he wants to put me a full arm cast for two months! WTF...how do you function with a full arm cast?
I would get a second opinion. I broke both my wrists at the same time about 9 months ago (scaphoid in left wrist, triquetrum in right) and had one doc tell me I needed a cast above the elbow on the left post surgery for 12 weeks, the other told me a wrist cast would be fine post surgery for 6-8 weeks, and a third told me I didn’t need surgery and could just do a brace for 6 weeks. I went with the middle option and it worked out, but I had to advocate for myself and my personal needs with work and family affected (my second kid was 2 months out from her due date at the time of the accident. Yikes!). Some docs just go straight for the most conservative recommendation possible in order to cover their own liability… especially surgeons. I think it’s definitely worth it to explore options and opinions.

I would recommend talking with a physical therapist that specializes in hand therapy- in many cases, they have a lot of perspective and experience on recovery from these types of injuries that the surgeons do not. It was helpful for me to hear from a physical therapist that had seen people with the same injury go through all the above options I mentioned, her perspective was very helpful in the decision making process.

Sorry to hear about your wrist. I truly feel your pain- best of luck in a speedy recovery.

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Originally Posted by semisensei View Post
Sorry to hear about your wrist. I truly feel your pain- best of luck in a speedy recovery.
Just FYI the post you're commenting about was 13 years ago.
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