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Question Where are you eyes when Driving?

Don't say on the car in front of you...When throwing from the tee, where are your eyes focused or what point are you looking at? At the point of releasing the disc, where are you looking? Say it's a 300 ft hole. Are your eyes looking at the disc leaving your hand? Are you looking 5 foot ahead? 15 foot ahead? 30 foot ahead, etc.? Are you looking at the basket 300 foot away (if in view of course) when it leaves your hand? Where are your eyes focused on a full powered drive?
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Wow, what an interesting question.

I am usually so focused on form and hitting everything correctly that I have no clue where I'm looking. I just tried to do a mock throw and see, but now all I can focus on is my eyes and it feels very unnatural.
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To quote myself from one of last years forums:

I believe proper aiming is less about picking a far away point and more about pulling in a near perfect straight line towards your intended target. Any movement or leverage (left or right) that takes the forward momentum (mass x velocity) away from the straight line you're attempting from the beginning of the pull to the end will decrease accuracy and the maximum distance you can achieve! This means I spend less time looking at my target and more time watching my own footwork and body during the throw.

You always need to pick a line that will get you where you're intending. Now imagine that line running through the tee pad directly in front of you. You want to pull that line through your body as straight as possible. The problem with looking at your target the entire time is your body should be rotated 180 away from your intended target (at the start of the pull) in order to maximize momentum and snap. Unfortunately, I don't have a neck like that girl in the Exorcist and I bet most disc golfers don't! During the pull I choose to look down, while rotating my head (with my body) just a fraction ahead of the disc traveling on the imaginary line I drew for it. The disc is probably about 50' from me (generally traveling very close to the line I intended for it) by the time my head is fully level with the ground. Again, do this enough until muscle memory kicks in!

Doing this is much easier when the disc is thrown with a hyzer release (since you're already leaning a bit in order to throw from the hips) with a understable to stable (neutral) disc. It's also the secret to accurately aiming a hyzer-flip shot!

Once you've established your line, it's always easier to focus on the 5' in front of you rather than the pin that might be 300+' away!
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i honestly don't know

they may be closed
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better yet, wheres your heart when your driving? answer me that..

chains baby.
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My eyes are not focusing on anything during my throw. If I try to focus on anything I get distracted.
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on the basket and then follow my throw
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I learned this from playing ball golf. Jack Nicklaus and now Tiger Woods pick out where they want the ball to land. Then they pick a spot about 10 yards in front of them on a direct line to where they are aiming. They concentrate on that spot 10 yards in front of them. They know that there aiming is correct now all they have to do is hit a good shot and it will go where they want it to go. In disc golf I usually pick out something in the backdrop (sign, tree, etc.). I know if I throw the shot I want it will go where it is intended to go. I visualize the shot before I throw. Visualizing your shot will help you achieve that shot. You see it before it happens.
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I apologize for not reading all of Jbowdown's post. There are several times this topic has come up. About different aspects and when and where the eyes should be.

I've alays said that it follows most any sports involving hand eye coordination. "Where the eyes go, the body follows."

Now, with that in mind this is basically something some people have a "duh" moment with. Usually you've selected some sort of line. Unknowingly or not, this line has a beginning, middle and an end. Also known as the Hit, apex, and target. I'm going to start where it's very important. The start...

You have to decide a line, doing this you'll have a lot of those elements involved without you knowing. So being able to adjust or tweak those will give you the desired result. From the start your eyes just before starting your pull should be aquiring your target. Once the line has been predetermined this sets you up your Apex. The Apex is one of the elements you can change. Doing so greatly develops the shot. You want to aim for the apex, but you want to always shoot for what's past the apex, your target. So now once you're aquiring the targert you've seen the apex needed to get there. Now throwing the disc with the correct angles to ensure it's going to go through the apex as intended and reaches your target. So aim for shooting through your apex. Every shot has these elements, breaking them down controlling them is shaping lines. To do this your eyes have to be focused where you want that energy to go.

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...but Michael Jordan made that foul shot with his eyes closed...
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