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Originally Posted by numbernine View Post
and also to get grief from everyone in MA2 at the time because I shot a thousand rated round. heh.
Did that as well, it was fun
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Originally Posted by ChipsaHoey765 View Post
Hey guys,
Just interested to hear your first tournament experience. From what was different than you expected, things you learned, what discs you threw, mistakes you made, triumphs you had. I would love to hear your stories!
My 1st singles tourney I was on card with Mike Moser. I probably made every mistake you can think of and learned a lot about the rules. I shot much worse than my regular rounds on that course and learned that pressure and waiting between shots makes a big difference on performance especially with putting. Also learned that a stool to sit on is critical for me and was really tired when I got home. More H2O/Gatorade/snack is necessary to carry. My only triumph was outdriving Moser occasionally and tying him on a couple holes. Only disc for certain I was throwing was a Banger GT, probably a KC Roc, X Comet, Star Teebird, Sidewinder, and XCal.

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Bring sunscreen and an extra pair of shoes and socks
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My first (and to date, only) tournament experience was last year at a MVP circuit event. It was a lot of fun, card mates were great. I very seldom get to play with anyone, let alone tons of people, so that was new. I struggled a little with the driver (plasma shock I think). Twas too beefy for me to do much with. Noodle arm new guy, less than perfect form. The plasma axis and electron anode are in my bag now. My favorite part was one temp hole set up, about 340', very low ceiling trees half way down fairway. The only true clean line was a giant spike hyzer up and over it all, or a low screaming forehand. I have neither. So I laid down a beautiful roller with that axis, and it curled up inside the circle. My cardmates were more stoked than I was. It was the second roller I threw with that disc (since that driver was giving me fits) and both were inside circle putts. Great memories, lots of fun!
I ended up shooting a personal course best with the circuit discs. Was 11 strokes off the leader, but I was still super happy. I was under par, and even par was my goal.

I learned a few things. Bring water! A stool would have been nice too. Also learned that a discs has to enter the basket the intended way to be considered "holed out". It was weird marking my lie under a disc in the chains.

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I enjoyed "playing up" in an A-tier, even though I finished 43rd of 46 finishers. Some players complained about the TD for various reasons, but I found it a well run event and exactly the organized/serious experience I desired.

I benefited from preparation:
1) Arrived early and making a pre-tourney walk through to check course conditions and re-evaluated all shot choices for round 1 including some conservative "play for par" decisions that turned out well, and some more aggressive shots that failed
2) Adequate hydration and adequate/appropriate snacks
3) Two pairs of shoes and at least two pairs of socks available per day!

I enjoyed my card mates all three rounds, but particularly rounds 1 & 2 before I sifted to the bottom. Incidentally, I ended up on a Round 2 card with people well over my eventual rating, partly because of my preparation for round 1 and some better players' lack of prep (e.g. a ~980 player trying to play the course blind). At the beginning of round 1, I mentioned the "first tournament" factor to my card mates and invited comments or criticism if out of line in any way. I think it was a good move and don't think I made any rules or etiquette mistakes.

Funny/Not-funny Moments
1) Nutmeg - while teeing off on one hole, I heard everyone gasp/exclaim just as I released my drive. Just as I had planted my bracing foot, an errant roller from the group behind us rolled between my legs . In retrospect, I'm glad both that it a) didn't hit me in the leg or catch my eye and mess up my drive, and b) didn't kick up off the concrete tee and hit me in the kahunas.
2) Less, not Moe! - I paid the price for over-eating Moe's provided by the tournament. Cramming down way too much ground beef, chicken, beans, cheese, pico de gallo, chips and tortillas may have been a big reason my 2nd round went much worse than the 1st. I may or may not have upchucked, with my poor cardmates wondering what was wrong... Next tournament I learned my lesson and kept lunch reasonable.
3) Not so prepared after all! - I didn't prepare for rain and got lucky to miss it. 10-15 minutes after the final round ended, we had a downpour that could have potentially made for a miserable tournament experience. Maybe I should start bringing umbrellas and adequate towels to tournaments? Naw, I still haven't adjusted and have been just as lucky on two other occasions.
4) Tournament fatigue? I managed to close out my tournament with two bogeys from poor putting. On the last two holes, I missed from inside 12', one particularly pathetic. I believe it was fatigue, mental as much as anything.

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Great thread topic.

Lakewood Open in 2014. Was a great time. Got to the course early since I’d never been there. Ended up tagging along with a local pro, even though I didn’t know it at the time. He kind of explained the course in brief. Again, the tourney was fun, the weather was great, and my card mates were great people, but I remember a few key takeaways:

- playing a course blind sucks (I still do it... but you have to pick your battles; play in an event blind on a day you can, or don’t play... I really like tourneys)
- I was happy to have some experience playing in local leagues to learn some rules
- scrambling and putting are very hard when you have some nerves
- I’m happy I started in intermediate (I was debating between MA1 and MA2 when I signed up...)
- finally: just cuz you are competitive against/better than your friends (who play casually) doesn’t mean you’ll show up and win...

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First event was interesting and fun. Played in Charleston in the 2006 Summer Sling and I did not know a single person which is rare for me in Charleston as I typically always run into someone I know around town. I had one of the highest PDGA #’s (# 30239) because I thought you had to have a # to play. Got to the course and one of the guys saw a Mikey sticker on my car and we talked about Widespread Panic which made me feel comfortable. The first round I played with some interesting characters and one of them decided to roll a tree and smoke it on hole 10s teepad which was comical as I really did not know the rules but thought they were similar to golf tournaments. Over time I have played 140 sanctioned tournaments around the US and seen many people come and go but overall my first event was a good experience and I met several people that I have remained friends with to this day.

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My first tournament was a very humbling experience. I had been throwing recreationally for 3 years and thought I knew enough do pretty well at an event. A primarily self taught player that RHBH flexes overstable drivers for everything, what could go wrong?

Finishing 5th didn't bother me until I realized that I was playing in the Intermediate group. There were 2 higher divisions full of players that were destroying my scores? How could this be, I was the best of my small group of friends?

Back then, I tried to shoehorn discs into fairways. This led to a lot of complex and creative solutions to finishing technical holes. That playing style was very risky, low on rewards. In a sense, I had no idea how little I actually knew about DG.

I still play local singles tournaments here and there, but I would much rather throw a league, bag tag, or doubles round instead.

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Mine was before disc golf landed on the internet, before local leagues were created in my hometown, and before I'd seen a tournament, so I had no clue how it would work. I'd only played casually with my brothers and a few friends.

In my first tournament they mixed divisions for the first round. There were only 3 divisions, for any practical purposes, but I was tossed in with a Pro and Advanced player.

Which is where I learned that there was such a thing as etiquette, and I didn't have it.

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Doubles tourney at the now-defunct Okemo Maples. Went with a friend not realizing it was *random* doubles, only had like 4 discs, the longest of which was a DGC Valk. At that point I could only really turbo putt.

My partner was/is a pretty awesome guy but I can only imagine how cringeworthy I was to play with.

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