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Default MVP forward penetrating fade?

Is this largely myth? I tend to think so, and think the opposite is actually true. At last for their drivers. Even their understable drivers like the Switch, AMP, and Impulse have a dumpy fade at the end. That's hard to reconcile with the claim of "forward penetrating fade." They're faster flying, and they fall out faster.

However, I find their neutral mids and putters like the Axis, Tangent, and Proxy to just keep on spinning and delaying fade compared to other brand counterparts.

So, there's definitely something to their "gyro', but they need to put some dome on their drivers, even minimal dome would help. Flat drivers just don't glide or hang in the air as well.

And before the flaming starts, I'm a fan of MVP and own several of their molds. But I don't know if I can commit to their stuff, at least the drivers. I like to work drives in on a line, not have them crash in.
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The two best examples I can think of are the Crave and Volt. The Crave will fade but it still goes very straight. And the Volt, especially my Plasma I just got just keeps going straight even when it's fading (much like my experience with S-PDs).
I personally think that the Gyro brothers have been constantly improving in the molds they produce, for example I never thought the amp was understable enough and the switch has a unique fade for a so called understable disc. But the inspire, a newer mold, really works for me in my understable slot.
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How far do you throw the drivers? It sounds like you might not be getting them up to speed, while you are the mids. The Axiom Crave and a seasoned MVP Volt are among the straightest discs I've thrown.
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Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
How far do you throw the drivers? It sounds like you might not be getting them up to speed, while you are the mids. The Axiom Crave and a seasoned MVP Volt are among the straightest discs I've thrown.

Mike C. is right. You aren't going to get any of the forward gyro effect if you don't get the discs up to speed. When I first started throwing MVP/Axiom I too had the same problem as you are having, something I didn't experience with Innova, Lat64, or Discraft Drivers. After working on my form and dialing in how to throw, MVP drivers have really opened up for me. However, unlike other disc companies, MVP discs are consistent from disc to disc. And if it is dome-y discs you are looking for, the newer Plamsa plastic is holding more promise. The new Plasma Volt is more domed compared to the Neutron/Proton versions.
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I honestly hate MVP drivers. The feel is just terrible. I would also agree with the OP a on the glide, they're faster with less glide due to the flat top so that could explain the dump. I just couldn't get a good grip on the slick plastic and shallow driver rims.

For the Envy and Atom though, very nice. The Atom is still a big question mark for me though, I wish it had more HSS. I'm still looking and trying to beat in Shields which is taking too long. Maybe the Lat64 Macana will be the one, we'll see.
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I don't have a big arm, and I do notice my mids go straighter longer than my drivers, though the Crave is pretty straight. I don't know if it's hype or not for the fade, I do think the gyro does have a stabilizing effect that makes the flight more controllable throughout.

I'm also sold because my longest throw on flat ground was with the Inertia. It consistently beats faster, domier, glidier discs for me with more control and consistency.
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If you think the Impulse has a dumpy fade, you're definitely not getting it up to speed. I notice that quality of delayed fade pretty much across their line, even with the beef in their line up.

Their discs are definitely not glidey, but I've gravitated to them for the precision, control, and wind fighting ability they offer.
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My buddy always says dang that disc just keeps fading forward when I throw my envies. It is real. I don't notice it on all their molds but the first time I cranked the anode out to 300 it just kept going.

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I think the Insanity is the mold that puts both of your claims to rest. It not only has tremendous glide, but it certainly fades forward, even at low power. It's a noticeable difference from the more dumpy fade of the Inertia.

Also, a Fission Volt truly has an enhanced flight, holding a straight line longer than other molds and fading forward. The drivers that fade forward are out there, just gotta find the right ones.
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The spin is so important for getting discs to fly correctly. I've found this to be true on BH, FH, and OH shots as well as putting.

I respect MVP, because more of my friends throw MVP than Vibram, which is what I throw. Also, as you alluded to, the more understable selections are pretty well received by many different throwers. The Tangent, Inspire, and Inertia have all been well-received among people with mixed bags, in my experience.
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