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Default Good, stable, distance mid range?

I have now been playing for several years and I am happy with my bag and what I throw. However, I am struggling to find a good distance midrange (stable to overstable). I throw buzz for anys and a titanium buzz that can i do slow flex shots with as well as a tursas for hyzer flips for max distance but I'm looking for that one other disc to complete my line up. For the most part i like overstable discs. I throw a zone on a lot of approach shots and I tried to throw the drone to complement it. The only probably was that I noticed that I could throw the two almost identical distances. I would really like to have a midrange that I can rip as hard as possible and get it to stay fairly flat and go farther than my zone. I can currently Throw my zone about 280 to max 300. If I can find a midrange that can handle a lot of snap and a good amount of power as well as being able to go an extra 50 to 80 ft. I would feel as though my bag is complete! Please lmk what you guys prefer to throw for this! Thanks!
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2008 AR Nebula but good luck finding any.
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honestly, try the roc again.(if you already gave it a shot) I came to it later in my 'career.' Dx or Champ ooc/ roc3 is a good disc. They just bomb. There's a reason that people still throw it. The eagle, the valkerie, these discs have gone a bit out of style with the times. But everybody still throws rocs.

Also a new huge fan of the compass, its taking over my bag.

Stable midrange is the best disc.
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The Yao by Yikun is very similar to te Nubula and either would work.
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Prodigy M1 (before the re-tool).
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The Compass may not be the distance mid that you (the OP) are looking for. The Roc3 is a pretty long mid. The VCobra is sneaky long, as well.
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august dupree Is there a way to tell the difference between the retool and the original for the m1? I've recently began to throw some prodigy and I wouldn't mind throwing one of their mids.
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Verdict. Fast, glidey, and overstable.
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Wait, did the OP say stable or overstable? All these meathooks being recommended, lol.
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Shark3, verdict.... There are a lot of options. Do you prefer bead or no bead?
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