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I'd give a vote to the Pig, great utility disc plus it feels better in the hand to me than a gator so it was the go to short to medium range overstable disc for me. I think the lack of Pro plastic ones hurt it's reputation when they discontinued them for a while and only produced the crappy R-Pro ones, luckily it's cult following got newer runs. Have been messing with a Devil Hawk lately because of the plastics available (the eraser ones are a nice stiff blend), but if Innova ever does something like a KC type blend that seasoned well I would definitely buy some.
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Small Bead Aviar
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I would argue the Westside Swan2. I like the flatter profile and they're dead sexy straight with good glide. I don't see too many people using them, either.
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I'm gonna go out on a prediction here and throw the Raketen into the mix. I'm sure many will be skeptical, but it flies great.
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I must be drawn to underrated discs. My bag has quite a few mentioned.

My vote is for 150 class Discraft Z Flick..... I am getting dangerously low on my 2007 stash. I used them for an option on a player pack and according to Discraft I ordered 40 of the 110 they sold. Then they discontinued them. Discraft brought them back but thet are never in stock. I still have an esp(discontinued) and today ordered 3 Ti version with a 2015 stamp which I found after an extensive search.

Only disc in my bag that I have no other model that could take its place.

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The Magnet/Titanic, the Shark, the Archon, the Champion Destroyer. These are in my bag and underrated, as more of the players with the Shark mold go for the Shark 3 top due to the mold being a better true midrange with the Shark being more putter like. Then the Archon I see why Champion could turn a person off, they come more then Star in the Dome to flat top but with the dome starting halfway in the middle of rim. Then the Champion Destroyer is rumored to be a 0 Glide turd, yes but more if you get the 169-170 gram+ discs for not strong armed players or you get the disc with the higher domes as those take more power to get a disc with a tiny bit less glide to fly the way the Innova flight shows so the Higher then average domes as well as 169-170+ gram disc (for not strong armed players) just lack all glide and are basically going to fly the way an Xcalibur will fly in that crash to the left.

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The most underrated disc that I can think of is the Champ Innova Viking. The DX versions I have are too understable but the Champ is perfect out if the box.

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Westside Sorcerer! Easy distance, Hyzerflip machine, huge anhyzers, tons of glide, and a great first speed 13 driver.
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Originally Posted by RocBottom View Post
Westside Sorcerer! Easy distance, Hyzerflip machine, huge anhyzers, tons of glide, and a great first speed 13 driver.
3/4 of Westside's lineup could be a candidate for the most underrated disc. They make some awesome molds, but a lot of people seem to only be familiar with the Harp and Warship.

IMO they make the best flippy mid (Tursas) and flippy fairway (Hatchet) in the game, but I rarely meet anyone else who throws those molds. Maiden and Crown are both solid throwing putters that don't get much love. Ahti is a great Firebird-slot filler. The list of great but underrated Westside molds is quite long.

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2nd the Archon - it was completely pooped on when it came out. I only had one because it was a tourney fundraiser, sat in the closet for a few years but that seemed to have seasoned it perfectly

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