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No. 8, 285 feet blue pin, New Quarter Park Williamsburg, Virginia is a heavily pine wooded hole with a 30 foot gap, that gently slopes downward to about the two hundred foot mark. Then abruptly turns about 35 degrees left dropping down into a ravine with a 4 foot gap, and a 7 foot deep gully at the bottom. The basket sits about 8 feet from the gully and a death putt.

The first time I played the pin position I parked the disc at the top, and death putt into the gully. I'm a lefty that can throw a draw, so I thought might as well just gun the basket, and if I make the gully, might as well putt for birdie it. After about 10 rounds hitting trees, and never getting close to the basket, some pars and bogeys with a few trips into the gully.
On my last visit I finally threw the perfect shot, landing on the perfect spot just a few feet into the gully, hung on arock was my disc. I had an easily toss 10 feet into the basket, head height for a birdie. That may never happen again.
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Wedged a mini in Juliana Korver’s bikini top in the hot tub at 2003 Pro Worlds. That, or my ace at 2002 Am Worlds. Frankly, it’s a toss up.

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Mine is more of two clutch shots back-to-back. I was playing a difficult course from the gold tees, one that I'd been hoping to shoot under par on since the very first time I played it.

Coming into 16, one of the easier holes to birdie, I was even. 17 and 18 are both very treacherous, neither of which I've ever birdied. It's a short dogleg right with a tight tee shot. I hit a tree about 150 feet out, and my only chance of birdie was to throw a roller through the woods to cut the corner and make a long putt. I threw the roller about as well as expected and had about an 80' putt. I then realized that I left a disc on a hole 2 holes ago, which was also about 100' up in elevation. I ran back, grabbed the disc, ran back to my lie, nailed the 80' putt. I shot par on 17 and 18 to secure the -1.

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Default Crushed

I was on one of my solo course bagging trips where I am trying to get in as many courses as I can. Got to Orange Crush (had already played Seth Burton) and got caught behind two guys who were playing really slowly. They showed no inclination to let me play through despite me usually making it to the next tee pad a few seconds after they did. Finally on one hole they conceded to let me tee off after them. I outdrove them and they said I could take my second throw without waiting for them (as they were very slowly making their way down to their discs). I proceeded to drill an Eagle with about a 250-footer and they called out that I didn't need to wait on them. Not my longest throw-in but definitely the most satisfying.

Close behind are all the times that I play with someone who is constantly boasting about how well he plays or is advising me on grip and shot choice and then gets to watch me park my drive (Buffalo Ridge, Nockamixon, French Creek, Creekside). I suck but there seems to be something about playing with annoying people that makes my game vastly improve.

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My favorite shot of my life?

Well, last year my son (then 10) and I were playing our local pitch and putt course for a fun casual round. I played a putter only round, he carried his bag.

We step up to Hole 17 (170'). He fluffs his drive then I step up and hit an ace. Had a couple witnesses on Hole 10.

Yeah, okay cool, no big deal. How could this be the most memorable shot of my life?

Walk over to Hole 18 (150'), he goes first and he aces! Some witnesses on Hole 1 were cheering for him, but he's so short and it's a bit uphill so he couldnt see it go in and he runs up to make sure it stuck. I told him it stayed but I guess like Reagan said: "Trust, but verify."

Back to back father-son aces! Joked with him we should walk off the course and never play again and let those be our last two throws ever.

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Mando left, 80' or so out to a dogleg. The pin position is quite, quite difficult to park...tight fairway hyzerbomb city with drivers. Myself and two buddies all threw three or four drives, trying to reach the basket (it's blind). Casual round for sure. Out comes a woman with a double baby stroller from the mando towards us. We warned her of the danger, and the fact that none of us hit her or her children is my fondest disc golf memory.

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Originally Posted by thecandydan View Post
Back to back father-son aces! Joked with him we should walk off the course and never play again and let those be our last two throws ever.
I'm going to change mine since this story made me remember the best shot I've thrown.

I cam upon a church picnic in a local park. A father and son were leaving the picnic for hole 1 right carrying some cheap 70gram discs (the ones that businesses print their logo on). Thankfully, I had a couple of extra beginner-friendly golf discs that I grabbed out of the car and gave one to each of them. I taught them how to play and we played the round together.

Anyway, we come up to hole 10, and the basket is about 100 feet from the shelter where the church picnic was. It's 350', uphill about 10-15', and I drilled it right into the chains. The kid was about 10 and he was in awe. It was nice to hit an ace with a gallery and have someone cheer. That'll never happen again.

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I had a way too stable for me Wraith. Tried to throw it anny and yanked it right. It skipped off an access road, bounced off a brick building, skipped back access the access road, and landed in the middle of the fairway. I got up and down for par and ended up with a fantastically straight driver that nabbed me lots of first birdies over the next year or so.

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I have never had an ace, and at my age I don't imagine I ever will. However, on a couple of solo rounds I have had an approximate 90 ft approach shot hit the chains and drop in. However, on one casual round with 3 other players I had my shot off the tee land right smack up against the pin on a 250 ft downhill hole # 1, no skip. That made my day with witnesses watching.

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3 aces, but my favorite shot might just be my dumbest.

Hudson Mills Original Course, Hole 4 short tee. 390' protected on the right side of the green by a nearly impenetrable grouping of brush and trees.

I try to throw a sky anny flex forehand with a Star Boss. It lands 200' out and then rolls another 190'. I finish pin high about 40' left, but miss the putt. My longest shot to date is an accidental roller.

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