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"Buying discs is addictive"

No it's not. I tell you. NO IT'S NOT!! (eye twitch, eye twitch)
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"I can quit buying discs anytime, I promise I can. I just don't want to!"

"Theres a guy on the internet with 3000 discs, 400 is nothing!"

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Buying, no problem...... It's the look on my wife's face as I walk through front door with a smile on my face...... It's the same look I have when a new pair of shoes magically appears under her arm.

The best was the time I had her Venmo money so I could buy 118 discs. She did it..... Long story, but I really needed them.
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Originally Posted by aphilso1 View Post
This thread made me do a headcount to see how many I currently own.

20 discs in the bag in my trunk
12 discs 'in the rotation' in a trunk box, primarily for snow rounds or courses with tons of water
32 backup throwers for my core molds
7 practice putters for the back patio
24 discs that are molds I don't throw; primarily trade bait at this point
0 collectors discs!!!
2 discs with my kids' artwork on them hanging in my office

97 total, which is more than I expected. I was thinking I was around 80. Oops.
I am scared to count. Best guess is 600+

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I just looked around my room and counted 41...these are all display discs or ones I don’t plan to throw except for one. Two full bags of 18-22 in the car... 10 putters in the basket... three backup bins with 30+ each in them.

Nah, no idea what your all on about.

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Definitely don’t sign up for retailers’ mailing lists. New stuff is coming out daily. I’m sure Black Friday is gonna be a bonanza too. I’m probably getting a divorce.
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When I walk in the door with new discs, my wife asks, "What did you get me?"
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Originally Posted by Rucker61 View Post
When I walk in the door with new discs, my wife asks, "What did you get me?"
My wife plays, so that helps. But, she does not need more plastic, and does not want any. But I am always on the lookout for some cool disc golf accessories. Recently a cool dri fit shirt, in dark pink, with a cool logo and she is currently wearing a prodigy winter hat I picked up to match her winter coat. It is a little thing, but it softens the blowback when UPS drops off a disc golf box.

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I've had a lot of different roommates in the years I've been playing and it only takes them one or two times see a large envelope/ bubble mailer come in to know that it's more frisbees coming in.

I tend to do purges once or twice a year when it seems like I have too many. Recently it's been a lot less trying new molds and more getting the right backups.
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I recently got the first, "why do you have so many discs?" question from my wife.... I'm only at about 40....

I first started playing around 2002.. with two friends... none of us knew what we were doing... played a couple of years being terrible and stopped. I had three discs.

Last February a very nice new course opened up five minutes from my house... I go and take my three old discs and play... and enjoy it immensely... still terrible...

But now... there is youtube... I can actually learn how to play.... also.. I see there are a bazillion different discs available... so the practice and acquisitions begin.... my wife plays very casually... she is super cool... but I don't see me being one with collectible discs... EXCEPT... she likes Holiday stamps... so Halloween, TGiving and Christmas.... I can buy a couple for each..

I do have another ten discs or so arriving over the next two weeks..ha. .she will just shake her head.

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