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Default Considering a Gyro Bag

50 years old - RHBH 85% RHFH 15% - max D about 350' over soccer field BH - 230' FH same field. Played regularly for about 10 years.

What's Up:
I posted a month ago about trying lighter discs. As it turns out: A) I was trying to throw harder not better, and B) getting a cart definitely helps with relieving the soreness. In my low weight experiment, however, I found that the MVP and Axiom discs were making me focus on throwing better. To focus on the snap and not on power. Also the discs just seem less, well ... , squirrelly. I guess the proper term is hold-the-line. So I am considering completing out a Gyro Bag.

Current Bag:
Distance Driver - OS: none (I've tried Wraiths, Surges, an Air Trespass, and a 155 N Photon, nothing seems to really fly better than the P Volt)

Distance Driver - Stable: Crystal Z Thrasher (dead straight 350')

Distance Driver - US: ESP Thrasher (turnovers & hyzer-flips)

Control Driver - OS: Proton Volt (ok, it's OS for me)

Control Driver - Stable: Electron Volt (getting chewed up, but I like the flight, a better Escape)

Control Driver - US: none (covered by ESP Thrasher long & Relay short)

Fairway/Mid Driver - OS: N Resistor (I really like this mold)

Fairway/Mid Driver - Stable: N Crave (great for tunnel sidearms)

Fairway/Mid Driver - US: N Relay (really like how it holds an anhyzer without burning)

Approach - OS: JB Zone (dependable)

Approach - Stable: Electron Atom (dependable)

Approach - US: Z Sol (controlled, slow turnovers)

Putter: JB Roach (ugly name, decent disc)

Suggestion & Recommendations?
  • Would a Fission Tesla/Photon yield any hope for an OS distance driver?
  • Would a Fission Volt be as straight as an Electron?
  • Gyro Thrasher, Sol, or Roach out there?
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Fission Tesla would work better at 350' than a Photon. Photons can be a little overstable, even in fission. If you get a spread of Teslas you could work on having them take over for your Thrasher shots.

Sol replacement would proooobably be a Spin or an Ion. There are a couple "hit" MVP molds that if you're gonna go for a Gyro bag might be work trying out to see how you like them. You already have the Volt and Resistor in there, but I know a lot of people love the Ion (I hate the inner rim) and the Envy. I threw an Envy for a long time and it's a fantastic disc, even down into the 160 weights. Proxy and Atom are supposed to be different sides of the same coin.

The new Entropy is supposed to be a very good Zone copy.

I wouldn't bother replacing putting putters unless you find something that feels better in your hand.
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Originally Posted by PeterMonk View Post
Would a Fission Volt be as straight as an Electron?
I don't have a ton of throws with a Fission Volt, but from what I recall my 163g Fission Volt was closer to my Neutron and Proton Volts than it was to my mid 160s Electron Volt.
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For your Thrashers, I would strongly recommend trying a Neutron Wave side by side with a Neutron Vanish, and see which one you like more. Perhaps find them used and already seasoned a bit, and in the 160's weight range. There's an unwritten adage in the Gyro world that suggests you drop 5 grams from the weight of what you would normally throw (that doesn't have an overmold) when choosing an MVP counterpart. So if your Thrashers are 174g, perhaps go for upper 160's in the Vanish or Wave (I personally prefer the Neutron Vanish).

For control drivers, I have always heavily favored the Plasma Amp (They haven't left my bag in 3 years). And I also prefer them in the 167g-169g range, which is the lowest weight you'll currently find them in in that plastic. They are very straight and workable. HOWEVER, with the recent release of the Streamline Lift I may be changing my tune a bit. These Lifts are really nice, and my Amps aren't taking a liking to the new competition. It's too soon to say what stays and what goes, but the Lift certainly has my attention. You can also find them as low as 164g.

For the Sol, I can't speak on experience because I haven't thrown that mold but I will say that the Neutron Theory has been my go-to turnover mid for several years as well. This mid is flat, not domey. Fresh, it's incredibly straight and with power it can show the most gorgeous, gradual turn I've ever seen. Seasoned, its perfect for all turnover mid range duties.

And for the Roach, I would reccomend the Electron Anode all day. It is beadless and very straight, just like the Roach. It's a cliche, but it really does hold any line you throw it on. In the circle or off the tee, it's just straight and has great glide as well.

All of the discs I've recommended have been staples in my bag for around 3 years, with the exception of the Vanish, of which I didn't realize was awesome until last year (I do bag one). The Plasma Amp was the first Gyro driver I fell in love with. Then the Theory left my jaw on the floor. And the Electron Anode became my go-to in the circle and the woods. All three of these share the common quality of being very straight and workable.

My newest infatuation is the new Axiom Prism Pyro. This is the overstable mid I've wanted all my life. Slim profile, flat and great for forehand or backhand shots that you want to go straight for a short period, and then have a strong fade. Beat the new off of one, and you're set. The new Prism plastic has my heart, also. Firm, but not too firm. And very grippy. And it's not one of those meathooks that dumps as soon as it leaves your hand (that's the Deflector).

I hope all of this helps! If you have any other inquiries, feel free to ask (: And welcome to the Gyro community!

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Traded for a P Fireball last weekend, and it's strong fade came in handy in the woods at Shelton Springs. I thought the Resistor would handle all my OS work, but there are definitely situations you need something to really bend in flight.

Traded also for a beat in N Shock. Not much difference than from my P Volt. I'll hold onto it as a backup.

The 161g Fission Tesla was not a great purchase. The disc flies 9 5 -2 2.
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I'm trying to find a suitable Golf cart bag for a friend who's just starting to play golf at APKNite. I've narrowed it down to TM Supreme, Ping Pioneer and Sun Mountain C-130. I am somehow leaning towards TM bag simply because of colour options at this point. Does anyone own any of these? Any recommendations based on the good, the bad, and the "nice to haves"?
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