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Default Maybe GYRO is Just a Gimmick...

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That was an interesting watch. I think the overall disc shape contributes by far the highest percentage into flight characteristics. Mids and putters are straighter because the wings are narrow and the edges are blunt. It's not forcing the disc into under and over stability. Just neutral.

Does MVP's 5% greater MOI do anything. I doubt it makes much difference after watching this video. I never thought they flew straighter or further before compared to other discs myself. Not that they are worse, I just don't think they are better. Like he said, the amount of weight moved is minimal as well.

I think his theory about all discs already achieving a high gyroscopic stability in flight is a good one.
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Way back in the days of Dicgolfreview.com, someone tore a few of their discs apart and weighed out all the materials. Even back when they were a new company we kinda knew it was a gimmick. But yeah, the fanboys took that company and ran with it.

Its fine though. Their discs fly pretty well and people should throw whatever they like, even if it's a placebo.

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Hey, the placebo effect is real. Don't knock it.

Does gyro work? I dunno.

But I bag a couple of MVP/Axiom discs because:

1) I like how they fly;
2) Available in the light weights I prefer; and
3) New ones seem to fly just like the last batch.

Works for me.

Edit: And I remember that DGR thread.

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Interesting vid. Kudos to the guy for actually building prototypes and following up with actual fieldwork.

Increasing MOI would reduce turn and fade. That's not always a good thing. Sometimes we throw certain discs specifically for their ability to turn or fade... or both. Not necessarily the only way to shape a shot, but a damned good one.

One could argue that Blizzard, Star Lite, Z-Lite, Air etc. should have just the opposite effect, because most of the weight removal occurs from the rim, and not the flight plate, (the exception being the first year or so of Blizzard runs, where you could clearly see bubble in the flight plate). I don't see those discs having significantly more pronounced turn/fade than their "normally" constructed counterparts.

The whole weight distribution thing is intriguing, but I think it's effect on overall flight is moderate at best.

If MVP really wanted to demonstrate the significance of gyro, they could create an overmolded and single piece version of the same disc, same weight, same plastic and filed test for differences. I suspect they'd never do that, because the results would be too similar.

Gyro... not a complete gimmick, but it's relatively down the list of factors affecting flight.
The Amp is the only overmold in may bag, and that isn't changing anytime soon.

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I used to say on the old forums all the time, that even if Gyro does make a disc fly significantly differently, sometimes that difference isn't going to be desirable. It will make a disc more resistant to turn and fade, so straighter/more stable. Sometimes you want a disc that will easily do turn-over lines or S shapes. Gyro is going to inhibit that. So like with all discs, throw whatever you like and works for you, knowing there is not magic technology out there.

That being said, I don't think MVP/Axiom flies differently from anything else, but they do have some excellent molds.
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I feel mvp discs do fly straighter and stay locked on a line.
That could be due to most of the 10 speed and under mvp/axiom molds having no dome(from my experience).

Either way...i have a karate chop forehand. With a Force i get that anny flex forehand to fight out pretty easy.

With every OS Mvp/Axiom driver i have tried (for anny flex karate chop forehand) they hold the anny too long before flexing out. Out of the almost 10 molds i tried, this was consistent for me.

I only use 3 molds from them after trying to make a full Gyro bag a while ago. Envy, Volt, Mayhem

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See the issue is that you're just not putting enough spin on it.

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Gimmick or not, the Envy is amazing.

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Let me CNC machine this disc in two different materials, and have a perfect metal ring fabricated. Hmmm isn't quite strong enough just throw some tape on it.
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