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Default Zuca cart vs RidgeRoller cart: Looking for Opinions

I'm moving soon and will be playing courses where a cart can actually be used. So.....I need to decide which cart I'm going to buy.

My backpack is the RidgeRoller V2.

For the cart, I've narrowed it down to these....

RidgeRoller V3 cart....obviously, the RR carts are made to be compatible with the RR bags.

Zuca EZ cart...will hold the RR bag, has a shelf under the bag where other things can be kept, coat, cooler, whatever. Not sure I can sit on my RR while it is on the Zuca EZ.

Zuca Backpack cart....doesn't have the shelf under the bag, but does have a built-in seat.

Anyone have these carts? What do you like/dislike about them?
Does anyone have one of these carts AND the RidgeRoller bag? What do you like/dislike about the combination?
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I have the Zuca backpack cart with a Rebel. No complaints about the cart. Love the ease of switching cart/ no cart based on conditions when bagging multiple courses in one day. And I'm glad I went with a cart that incorporates a seat.

The Zuca backpack cart may not have enough height between the base and the seat to fit your bag. RR bags look tall, and my Rebel barely fits.

Also, I'd be worried that the platform of the EZ cart would make your existing bag too high to sit on comfortably...

Your cheapest option might be the MVP cart. It's lower than the EZ and has no seat "ceiling." But I don't know if they're built to take the weight of sitting.

Isn't the most logical choice for you just to stick with Ridge Roller and buy the cart that's built for your existing bag? And you don't need to spend for a cart with a seat, since your bag already is one.

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A buddy has the EZ cart. I’m not a fan. The space below the bag isn’t all that big and it seems like things are always falling out. Things on the lower shelf get pretty dirty too. Could be that his cart doesn’t have fenders. Also, his backpack is torn up from the wheels rubbing on the pockets and drink holders. Again, he doesn’t have fenders so the bag would likely not get torn up with the fenders.

I have the backpack cart. I used to have a backpack in it but I recently picked up the new Trekker bag and now my cart is more of a dedicated cart and I just pull discs out and toss them in a backpack when I play without the cart.

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I neglected to say my Zuca is the Backpack LG cart. I bought the LG just to give me more options for future backpacks. The Trekker insert (which looks great) is not made for the LG cart.

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One of the overlooked factors in choosing a cart is how well it balances the load of your bag. You can change some of that my making the handle longer or shorter and then the cart sits on a different angle when you are pulling it. A well balanced set up to begin with gives you a greater range of handle adjustment before the whole rig becomes burdensome. Keeping the weight over the wheels properly makes a cart feel much lighter and more nimble.
So far from what I have seen with The Ridge v3 bag I am testing right now I'm really impressed by the attention to detail, and I bet that carries through to the The Ridge Roller cart design.
I'm considering ordering a roller myself as I bet its the best cart for this bag.

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Ridge roller is awesome. I have the v2 and have been rolling it for a couple years now. If you play a lot or have back problems saving the weight of lugging a bag alone is worth it. It’s nice and balanced and the attachments are nice while not making it too bulky which is something I notice a lot with zuca.

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