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Default Best FH Drivers

Looking for a new FH driver disc. I've been getting a lot better with my FH lately (finally) and looking for some really good Max distance FH disc suggestions. I'm a RHBH, RHFH thrower.

I currently either throw my Discmania FD2 Color Glow Leo Piironen or PD Swirly S-Line Lone Howl as my FH discs. The FD2 is more neutral, doesn't cut right as fast, and I use it more often for FH shots. And the PD is more just my "driver" FH disc that will cut right if I don't throw it well.

So now that my form is getting better and my distance is getting better on FH, I want to find a good Max distance FH driver. Something that can get me a nice Max distance S shape drive, but ALWAYS finish right. Has good glide and is easy to throw.

I only have Discmania, Lat64 and Prodigy discs for the most part (love them), and would prefer to stay with one of those companies, but would be willing to look at other brands if it's an incredible disc.

Also something else. I LOVE that the FD2 is so super flat and thin. It just feels amazing in my hand for a FH and NO other disc feels so good for a FH. But... I know that usually a flatter disc doesn't have as much glide and discs with more dome usually glide more? So I'm hoping to find a disc that not only has amazing glide, but if possible, flat top or at least not super domey. And I really would prefer a disc with a smaller rim width and more rim depth. I really don't like Max distance drivers with their super thin rim depth and super wide rim width for FH. But I know in order to get a Max distance FH disc, I'll have to put up with wider and shallower rims. But... if possible, I'd like it to feel more like the FD2 rim, or as close as possible.

The few discs I've been considering trying for this disc are the:

-Discmania DD3, Enigma or DDx
-Prodigy D1, D1 Max, D2, D2 Max or X3
-Lat64 Flow
-Kastaplast Grym

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star wraith

also dome /= glide
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The D2 is ridiculous Distance and glide IF you get one you can turn a little. Also a Pharaoah (Shryke?) beats into a ridiculous glider with less fade. My FH sux, so I have a 150g Teebird and a 154g Getaway that I use forearm-only because they’re light. Of course, that’s not what you’re looking for. I say all that to set up this: if I had a good forehand, I would use the same discs that I backhand with.
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I thought you wanted FW discs, not FH?

Lots of discs work well for..... FH. I like Star Wraiths and seasoned PFN Xcals for max D. You can find flat ones pretty easily.
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FH is my specialty. My main FH distance drivers are the Wraith, Thunderbird & Valkyrie. From what you're asking for I think a Star Wraith would be a great option. That said, I get a lot done with my Glow Champion Valkyrie (max weight) for FH distance. I've had the same reliability with several flat stock Champion Valkyries as well.
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Star Wraith

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The Force is my all time fav forehand driver. Nice chunky rim and super consistent flight. Once you beat one in a little, it is the perfect forehand driver in all conditions.
I have never worried about my Force being nose angle sensitive. It may not be a max distance forehand driver but it will land where you need it to more often than not.
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I can attest that the Enigma is a phenomenally feeling forehand disc.

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I don’t advise that most players throw what I do for Forehand, but depending on the power and style of the player I usually recommend a Sword, Tresspass, Wraith or DDX. If they already have very good power a Giant, Destroyer or Force.

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Lots of recommendations for Wraith or Valk which I can’t argue with. My favorite fh disc is an Orion LS, basically a beefier Valk. I actually prefer a beat in Orion LF, but for long, off the shelf S curve flights it’s hard to beat the LS.
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