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I have seen the blooper domes. I have a 157 BK and I like it. Star Kat's are junk to me, not enough dome.
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Domey tops on blizzards are just par the course. Just flatten them with hot water.
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My new 157 gram no bubble BlizKat has exactly the same dome as a 172 CFR Champ disc I have that was run more than a year ago. The 172 has the obvious pearly metal salts in the rim, so it could get close to max weight, but the rim and flight plate appear identical.
I had my longest sidearm throw ever on a wooded, limited width fairway recently with the no bubbler.

Still not a really big fan of Bliz durability though, it looses stability seemingly with every tree hit, or hard landing, so I'm saving the Katana for now.
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Been using a 130 blizz kat and am loving it. I've got noticeably more distance and control vs my rpro boss (143g). My kat is also very domey along with the rest I've seen.
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Originally Posted by Catfishmac View Post
I just bought my wife a blizzard katana and this thing has a huge dome top! Are all blizzard katanas like this or did I just get a funky one?
I bought a couple. The 129g is crazy domey and really over stable, yes the lighter weight is over stable. The 150g are not domey and understable.
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Originally Posted by imoser_me View Post
I got my wife a 132g Bizzard Katana. She left her discs in my car when I went out, so I gave it a whirl. I had to throw it on a 90 degree hyzer just so it would not turn into a roller. With a tailwind, I hyzer flipped this thing out to about 500 (over 150' longer than the soccer field which is 330'). It was one of the most ridiculous throws I have ever had.
That is my experience with the uber-light BlizzKats. The uber-light wraiths aren't as flippy, and the super domey uber-light Bosses are near impossible to turn over. I personally had trouble getting myself to power down enough to get the super light Blizz-Kats to fly correctly.
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Been throwing my blizz katana for rollers the last two rounds with great success. It was already super flippy but when it's a hot day and the plastic is absorbing that heat I can't even hyzer flip it. Just turns right into the ground and rolls straight for 400+
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Has anyone seen an _overstable_ Blizzard Katana? A sort of long story below, but I was quite surprised to find that my second light-weight Katana seems very overstable.

I picked up a 132 g (or so) Blizz Katana at a tournament to play with Blizzard technology - it was the only really light one they had. I had fun experimenting with it - it was immediately among my longest discs. At first, I could only best it by hyzer flipping something in beat base plastic (a new skill I had remarkable luck with the same day I first tried the blizzard - either one of those added 25% to my max distance, if intermittently; I wish I could always hyzer flip as well as I did that first day!).

The Katana was very difficult to control, but fun. Thrown level it would go way right (RHBH). Seemed very understable, approximately as advertised. I'd throw hyzer to compensate, and would sometimes get a hyzer flight path, sometimes _still_ it would end up way right, sometimes reasonably straight, and every once in a while a glorious, very long, hyzer flip ending straight.

The disc was starting to transform my mid-range and fairway driver game, in fact. With no run-up at all I could get really impressive distance because of it's remarkable glide. And, at these lower speeds, it seemed relatively straight?

I lost that disc, unfortunately. (Maybe still stuck up in a tree on Rogers Lakewood #19. It was getting very dark, so I'm not quite sure where it went. Couldn't find it early the next morning, either).

So, I ordered two more like it (a 130g and a 132g) online, figuring I'd also audition one for a water disc. I've not had them out to a field yet (and, that may be delayed by the ankle I twisted yesterday). But, I did use the 130g several times yesterday playing doubles.

It seems really _over_ stable. Surprised the heck out of me. I didn't try releasing it anyhyzer, but I tried release angles from a medium-hyzer on through to several efforts at a flat release. Consistently it flew, and finished, well left (for my RHBH).

Any idea what's going on? I'm a new player, and not a particularly fast thrower, but I don't see any reason why two discs, same mold, same weight, should take dramatically different speeds to fly fast enough to match their specified flight characteristics?

I don't particularly need a disc like this. My orc does fine on the relatively rare occasions (almost none on my home course) when I want to finish left (RHBH). Maybe it'll beat in - some have reported their Blizzard Champion plastic beating in. Or, I guess I could use it for hyzer water holes (not that I play any of those regularly!).

Is there such a thing as an anhyzer flip?

Anyhow, I'm hoping the third is more like the first, and understable, as advertised! I suppose I wouldn't complain if it was magically more consistent/more forgiving, or merely "moderately understable" instead of "very understable". Or, I suppose, even if it magically wound up straight. But, I'll be pretty upset if the third is also overstable!
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I get some bad ass s-curves with my domey 136 katana. I hit like 300' on my best drives with my t-bird. I crank this out to 340' with the same throw. It just needs a lot of room to do it.
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I have one. It's sweet, but not in a headwind lol. Still mastering it.
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