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Default Developer, Reddit and new version V0.912

Originally Posted by etdefender19 View Post
I would refer you to the Facebook page (Disc Golf Valley Players Page) for better info (certainly about game play) than the Reddit page - although the developer of the game reads the Reddit (I think)
The developer does read Read reddit and it is where he takes feedback for bugs He really did this game for fun as a project but it became bigger than he thought. He recently admitted that he has been a little more busy lately because they have a new baby in the house. DGV is not his day job either, but I think he is trying.
I started on V0.901. He has made at least two new updates, V0.902 and just in the last few days V0.912. *02 introduced a lot more rollers. *12 is a little buggy. Had a par three where disc hit a skipped over the top of the basket long. It was near OB but the game did not say I was OB. I played it, hit the band and finished out using only three throws but the game said bogey. My guess is I was OB but something in the code did not display that or the go to lie message but counted the lost stroke anyway.
Later in the round I hit a bank near the basket and the disc rolled 75+ ft into the river OB. Laying 2 at the lie I threw a disc high left in the chains. It stuck there swinging for a brief moment and the game popped up the Nice Putt message and as it was saying I got a par the disc fell out of the chains, struck the top of the cage and fell on the ground. Clearly despite the benefit to me, in the *01 version that would have been a bogie 4.
Same day on the lake hole where the basket is to the left but unreachable unless you have the right wind and right Ballista, you go to land at the right then closer cross the water to the basket. I tried the direct route and was short. Tried again, short but tried to see what happened if I went to my lie. I did not know where I was but apparently my lie was in the water. I could see the normal basket in the distance near the shoreline. Three throws with water flying at release going only about 25 feet or so finally I finally found myself on land but it was not that hole or any I have ever seen on DGV. It was a flat plain of grass with random puddles of water on it and a basket now off to my left about 200 plus feet on a slightly elevate flat plain surround at its perimeter by sparse random trees at maybe circle two distance. I've never seen any hole on the current course like that.
I tried to throw at it and another splash of water, it told be to go to my lie and when I did I was now back on the original hole, original basket about 70+ feet away. I eventually finish out something like a 12 on the hole. For a while I was in a alternative/parallel(?) reality in Disc Golf Valley that must have slipped into the code of this new version accidentally from other stuff the developer is or has created but not used in the game.
As you can see there is some major tweaking that needs to be done to V0.912 or the developer needs to move back to *02 until *12 is fixed. Roll-a-ways are annoying but affect everyone at an equal rate. However scoring errors by the game is not going to go over nearly as well for those playing in tournaments at the higher levels.
I believe the developer will do his best but everyone has to again understand this is not his day job and he has a family as well. I feel he will try but patience is going to be needed.
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