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Best I've seen was while visiting Top of the Hill disc golf in NH. While still warming up pre-round, a huge ruckus came from the first hole. Apparently the supergroup that was on it had witnessed an ace. Turned out, it was the guy who was coming out for the first time, and it was his first time EVER throwing a disc. Imagine that? One throw under his belt and he's already got an ace to his name. A more personal story would have to be of my buddy (who we call Tank) who came out with us in the rain the other day. He'd never played before, but as it was raining we planned to get a little tipsy on the course and he was down for that. We ended up out there for over 3 hours and he was so pumped about it all I gave him a PA1 to hold on to after the round. Not only is he quite vocal about the sport now, I just saw a FB post of his saying he would be on the course on his own today. In the rain. Sounds like someone caught the bug!
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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
There seems to be some correlation between wingspan, and distance. Of course there are exceptions, for example, Brad Hammock.
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I'm on my brothers account right now, and I have a friend who has played about 2 months and can throw about 250 feet already he's 17 I'm 16 but his accuracy isn't very good.
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I just loved when I took my friend out once, he threw his beast on a 40 ft hyzer and just said "Wow, that disc must be really overstable" lololololol
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Buddy of mine just had a ace run today and it chained out on him. He has been playing less than a month. High fives all around still. Great shot!! He was hooked on DG, now he really is. He said something about playing tomorrow in the rain.....
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Last summer, after playing for about 5 months, my son and I were playing a round. Two guys caught up to us on hole 3 so we let them play through. As they are leaving the tee pad they start asking me what kind of discs are good for beginners. I tell them that I improved a ton discing down and started using a DX VALK and DX LEOPARD. I still had them in my bag but they were way too flippy for me so we gave them to them. This was their first time ever on a DG course, they had gone to PIAS to buy a ball golf putter and saw "Frisbees" and wanted to give it a try. FAST FORWARD about a year. I go out this morning to play a round and there is this guy on the first tee pad. Guess who? YUP.....played 9 with him and he made me look like a 2 year old. Was pretty cool
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Originally Posted by sgamerp View Post
my buddy guy was better than Todd Wiley his like 7th time playing.
Buddy Guy plays disc golf?!?!?
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Originally Posted by gcr_russell View Post
What is the best (or realistically what is the most potential) you have seen in anyone's first time on the course?
I think some people have that gift of natural athleticism that allows them to play any sport more fluidly than others who have to work at it. You know....those people who just seem naturally at home with a baseball glove, a basketball, a golf club, or a disc. They seem to be more there than others when they're playing the sport.

I'm not a couch-potato by any means, but I don't have that gift. I'm one of those guys who could get good with a lot of practice, but the natural swing/throw/shot was not bestowed upon me. I was the kid who always viewed hands, feet, arms and legs as spies and potential traitors -- the guy with no confidence that my appendages would do what I wanted them to do.

I played softball with a church league last summer with a guy who's a Wrightsville Beach cop. Dude's just built like an athlete. He's completely comfortable with his capabilities and his throws and swings are effortless. A real slugger. Anyways, after the season we played Ultimate and eventually got him on the disc golf course. He was a beast. No hints, no training, just stepped up to the box and crushed his drive. His snap was making my max-weight Champ Boss turn over.....it was disgusting.

Point is: Some people have it, some people don't. I'm just thankful I have fun.
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