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Originally Posted by freestateflyer View Post
Yeah, that's the way I did it too back in the day, haven't rolled in a long time and don't have a Stingray any more. Hard disc to find around here, to oldschool I guess. I bagged a Mamba the other day and decided to roll it on two holes. Wow, that thing rolled 60ft farther than my longest drives on those holes, so i'll be workin on my roll. Was just curious what others do.
I've had to consider rolling lately. I still carry an Eclipse, which makes for a good roller. I've not tried with any of the new, fast drivers, though I suspect the Mamba will work fairly well (my son has one that I've thrown a few times). I'm wondering how my Stalker rolls, as it just seems to feel like it'd be a good roller.
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Right now my roller is only for max d on holes that accuracy and fairway placement are not a big concern, but that could change with patience and practice. My mamba gets on the ground nicely with my normal swing, just release with a little anhyzer and it's off to the races. Overstable disc seem to require a change in spine angle on release, which is a bit awkward after working hard to get that consistent. I'll definitely be trying different disc and will see what happens. Thanks guys.
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That's a good question. I've only used forehand rollers with my FireBirds. While they tend to fade towards the label at the end of their momentum, the angle they hit the ground seems to be the greatest deciding factor as to the line they take.

Certainly the landscape and speed have something to do with the placement of your shots, but I can change that drastically by the angle of release. I've been wanting to learn more controlled shots with the roller. Perhaps mid-ranges and putters would make for good approach discs, but so far I'm sticking with the FireBird.

I'm curious to see what everyone else throws for rolling approaches...
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Originally Posted by TalbotTrojan View Post
1156.00 meters...
So, I just need to make sure I'm reading you right. This guy rolled an Aviar almost 3800 ft.
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I usually use a Sidewinder for rollers, can usually get it to do what I want. Once in a while, I'll roll a mid. Haven't decided on which mold for that, since I don't usually roll them for shorter distances.
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Originally Posted by Toro71 View Post
So, I just need to make sure I'm reading you right. This guy rolled an Aviar almost 3800 ft.
That is correct as far as my knowledge goes. You can see the distance on the WFDF webpage. I am fairly sure this was done as one of those distance competitions where they set up perfect conditions.
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depends on if its a backhand or forehand roller.. for forehand i tend to use something overstable .. firebird, zone, etc. but backhand i go understable- neutral ie Mongoose, Bandit, Patriot .. I LOVE rollers.. i mean LOVE them.. i dont have the biggest of arms so for open max distance i will tend to throw bh rollers instead of air shots
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