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I have a herniated/ruptured L3, and i have been playing with it for 3 years now. I had 2 cortizone shots and they wanted to do surgery since im still having nerve pain/sciatica in my left leg.

As for dg, i played right after my back went out and kept pushing it, figuring it would work itself out. Well i ended up not being able to walk for a month. SO DONT RUSH BACK! Between physical therapy and the shots i have been able to play but after a day at the course iam stiff and hurting but its worth it.

Just be careful, u fan do some real damage

P.s. i did not have surgery.........yet
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Originally Posted by ru4por View Post
Go see a doctor and get help. Motrin, shots, and physical therapy all help, but surgery is the only fix. Good luck man.

Surgery is not the only fix.
I've dealt with lower back degenerative issues since 2008, primarily having the flared disc press on my sciatic nerve creating terrible pain and discomfort all down my right side from butt to foot.
My last and worst flare up was just about a year ago from now and it was brutal. Took a while to get upright comfortably, and I didn't throw a disc for about 5 months while I got better.

Pain meds only mask the problem and create a whole set of new ones.
Epidural Injections worked for me a couple years ago, but had little help last year.
I was a phone call away from scheduling with an orthopedic surgeon when I decided to consult a chiropractor I know from church.
At 36 years of age I'm putting off surgery for as long as possible since it's no guarantee.

Decompression table, adjustments, and physical therapy had me relatively pain free within a month, after three months I was feeling great. Now I just have to be more careful, but I am still able to play a couple times a week.

Good luck, and get better.......multiple opinions are important.
Surgery may be your best option, but it should be a decision made after a lot of thought and input.
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I have a nasty case of Degenerative Disc Disease in the disc between L4 & L5 - probably only have 50% of the disc left. Got so bad it hurt to stand for more than a minute. Your body is very protective and adaptive. In my case the L4 & L5 has become "crusty" (my PT's description, not mine) and has lost most of its mobility. To compensate for this the joints above (L3/L4) and below (L5/S1 & SI joint) have become hypermobile. This creates the wonderful situation where pain can come from the injured area AND/OR the areas compensating for the injured area. So I have had pain originating from the DDD disc, the facet joint next to it, the overstretching of the discs above / below, and the misalignment of the SI joint.

I have been very successful in managing my situation. I try to live a healthy lifestyle: yoga, pilates, aerobic exercise, proper posture, and weight management. But I love to play hockey and disc golf - both stressing the lower back. So when the pain limits my activites I have become dependent on my wonderful Physical Therapist. A good PT can help determine the cause of the pain through a detailed examination of the motion and strength of the injured area. I have found my PT to have a better understanding of my day to day condition than my "back specialist" MD. My PT helped develop an exercise routine that stengthens the weak muscles and stretches the tight muscles to manage / minimize the pain. In my situation it hasn't always been the same muscles everytime. That is why a great PT is crucial to help diagnose the current area of tightness or weakness.

My PT has even performed a throw analysis on my backhand drives. She was able to show me where in my motion I was potentially aggravating my back and help modify my throwing motion to reduce stress on the injured area.

In short - find yourself a good expert that can help diagnose the biomechanical challenges of your injury and develop a care routine to help manage the pain. Mine expert happens to be a great MPT named Ann.
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